[1844-762-3952] How to import and export mail and other data with AOL Desktop Gold

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    Importing and exporting data files and emails can be a real task, if you do not follow the correct procedure and is not selecting the desired file location. The users who are using the AOL desktop gold software, often have the queries regarding this issue. The steps on how can one import and export data and emails from AOL Desktop Gold on another computer is listed below:

    ØLog in to the AOL desktop gold software

    ØIn the General setting, choose the option of ‘My Data Tab’.

    ØSelect the option of export or import

    ØChoose the file and your desired action

    When you export a file, make a new password and if you wish to import the file, you can provide the previously created password. This will enable you to access the files and emails in another computer.

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