At 8:00 am on Sunday, several of

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    At 8:00 am on Sunday, several of our small volunteers came to the Huadong Community to participate in the Mid-Autumn Paintings of ��Beautiful Homes and Happy Huado arrived at the third floor conference room for signing in. The aunt from the Huadong community gave us a box of 36-color oil pastels Carton Of Marlboro Reds. In today's event, volunteer counselors Xu Zhixian, Qin Wen and Xu Wenhua also gave us painting instructions.event officially began. Teacher Xu Zhixian divided us into two groups. A group of small students painted with cardboard and oil pastels, while our big students painted with white paper and black markers. Teacher Xu first taught us how to draw a good composition, how to draw a good building, a big tree, how to use color gradients... The teacher explained to us while still drawing on the blackboard Marlboro Red 100S. The paintings drawn by my teacher are really lifelike Carton Of Cigarettes, let us marvel!s time for us to finally show our talents. We draw on the community landscape pictures and pictures of residents' activities sent by the teacher. I hesitated for a while, using marker strokes directly? This is an unprecedented challenge. I looked at the classmate next to her, she started to paint, I can't fall behind. So, I picked up the marker and drew a thick trunk on the white paper. Then I painted the sidewalk and painted it for a while. I picked up the unfinished work and carefully appreciated it. The painting is not bad. I started to paint the road again, there was a sidewalk on the road, and there were traffic lights along the road. After painting the road, I went on to paint the building on the road... Finally, my work was completed. I looked at my work carefully and always felt that something was missing. That's right, it's the leaves of the tree. So, I use small dots of different sizes to represent the sparseness and level of the tree. Looking at my work, I nodded with satisfaction. I took my work to the teacher Xu Wenhua, and Xu praised me and told me where I still need processing Online Cigarettes. After the modification, I found that the whole painting became more beautiful Marlboro Menthol 100S.