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    In the past two years, Nike has introduced a new color scheme for many classic shoes. The new and interesting design elements are impressive. Recently, a new pair of Nike Air Max 95 has been incorporated into special elements. The striking red upper is embellished with three different
    eye-catching patterns, which enhance the recognition of the whole pair of shoes and have a layered feel. It is worth noting that the three delicate embroidered crowns on the tongue are very special, while the tongue is still made of 3M material with a gold horseshoe print on the insole. Although it is not clear the color inspiration and theme of these shoes, it is definitely a pair of new products with sincerity.

    Nike Blazer Rebel Mid is a shoe designed for girls. The unique upper zipper design makes it easier to put on and take off, and it has a good decorative effect. Recently, a new color scheme Blazer Rebel Mid official release. This color scheme features a pink canvas upper and the Swoosh Logo on both the inside and outside of the shoe is deconstructed in black and white. Moreover,
    the asymmetrical shoes are used on the left and right sides, and the positions of the lace holes are gathered to be inclined on both sides. Similarly, the heel position is also an asymmetrical tilt design, embellished with the reverse-arranged EIKN lettering, which is fun.

    Highly recognizable vintage look and striking personal style, with the Queen's Day coming on March 8th, Jordans 2019 Shoes also brings a new look for the goddess! Covering the recent popularity of the popular Air Jordan 1 RET Low Slip and a variety of new clothing, so that the goddess can easily interpret the charm and unique personality! Specially invited Hong Kong tattoo artist Lily
    Cash to perform the latest Lookbook and wear Air Jordan to be brave.