"Come on! Come on!" and s

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    "Come on! Come on!" and screamed back at the playground. Hey, what is it so lively? Ah, it turned out that Dongyu Primary School��s annual school sports meeting was ��burning�� in full swing.s. He first stepped back a few small steps, crouched down, and gently touched the ground with his hands. Immediately, he tipped his toes on the ground, as if he had shot out of the string of arrows! Point to the ground, jump, flip - he succeeded! We are all excited to jump up. However, the most calm of the audience is still him. Gu Yiyu breathed a sigh of relief, raised the frame with his thumb, and picked up a faint smile.me passed by, the cruel game ruthlessly ousted one after another. In the end, only Gu Yiyu and Liu Wei of the third class decided to win. Can Gu Yiyu win him? For a moment Newport 100S Cigarettes, doubts, worries, worries... all kinds of strange feelings flocked to my heart, and I couldn��t linger for a long time.e two men relayed, and two flexible figures swept the railing again and again. Finally... "Hey!" Suddenly, everyone is worried - who is that person? When he looked up, we only knew that he was the three-way Liu Wei! Gu Yiyu won!ost grand torch festival on the stars is about to begin. I am hurriedly taking a torch and holding a star-made microphone to tell the opening speech.ars are watching me at a 48-degree angle. They are applauding in the same way. The main position of the Torch Festival is in the fruit country of the star country Cigarettes Types. The stars from other countries are on the fruit country. Everything seems to be very satisfying. It is very slow for the time here. I often go back to China from the early morning, but it is already at night Wholesale Newports. The stars of Guoguo feel nothing, but go to other countries and complain. . . Sweatrs are very deserted. I have been here for 2 years. I still can't tell the difference between men and women. If the stars dress themselves a little, even the friends don't know whether it is male or female. host here is hosted by humans. It��s very strange. This time, I became a star host because a strange adventure was brought to live here for 2 years Marlboro Lights Cigarettes. At the beginning, they gave me I ate very cold food. My stomach used to leave home because the food was too cold, so my appetite was not raised until the stomach was not willing to go out and came back to my stomach.s time I was elected as the host, not because of how good I am, but because the whole star country forgot to invite human beings and invited me.ere is purely accidental. It seems that I have to wait until the next Torch Festival to return to Earth Marlboro Gold Cigarettes. If they forget to invite humans, I may be the host of a lifetime in the Star Kingdom and live here for a lifetime. Although there are all kinds of bad things here, the stars here are very warm, and living here will not die, because the food eaten by the stars is baked by a kind of immortal medicine, so only the stars and their stars I am very fortunate to preside over the talents. This food can be used once and for a long time. .ever, I want my friends on earth, so I beg you humans, my compatriots, the next torch festival must come. .