Currently the level cap is RuneScape gold and the game

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    Currently the level cap is RuneScape gold and the game has Normal Adventure Dungeons for gamers to explore. As time continues, there will undoubtedly be more content added.Great news for fans who adored the first MapleStory The franchise boasts more than million gamers around the Earth, so that they have to be doing something right. You now have the capability to customize literally everything.

    Check out the adorable launch trailer below on your own and great ready for a brand new RPG experience. It is certainly unlike anything I've ever seen or playedwith. If you haven't played with MapleStory earlier, now is a good time to check it out.The official launch of MapleStory comes to us through the beta and Head Start. Maple Story includes the following categories players may pick from Archer

    Assassin, Berserker, Heavy Gunner, Knight, Priest, Thief, Wizard, and also the recently introduced Runeblade class. This class is a swordsman that infuses his blades with the elements for power. They are also able to utilize a distinctive handed bladed weapon that takes both weapon slots.

    MapleStory is also adding restricted time launch RS gold events, including a Daily Bonus Event running from October to November . By logging in daily, you'll receive helpful rewards including Maple Coins, Cosmetics Vouchers, Elixirs, and more. Claim Your Destiny as an Epic Hero Players will find colorful D landscapes to explore, heaps of new and familiar enemies to vanquish, and exciting supervisors to battle.

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