Everyone's mind must have two

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    Everyone's mind must have two states of inferiority and self-confidence. People who are inferior to the inferior will often feel that nothing can be done, and those who are confident will look at their courage in the face of difficulties. But if you don't grasp the degree of self-confidence, self-confidence sometimes becomes conceited.metimes, self-esteem will increase your courage. However, many people with low self-esteem will give up because of their inferiority complex. On the road of life, inferiority is like the nick of wind and rain on the stone. Those who appear, that is, those who have no courage, will be brutally smashed by this kind of tempering, but the stones that are not smooth will have a smooth side after being honed, but if they can��t stand the pain of tempering Marlboro Red, they will roll back and forth. It is very likely that it will never be smooth.hough I am not very inferior, sometimes I will have a retreating side in the face of difficulties in life. It was a scene a few years ago that made me remember. That is, in a beautiful summer in Qingdao, though, the sun in the sky is sunny and the sky is clear and cloudless, but my heart is not in line with this weather. My heart is full of clouds. I was nervously standing on the open space around the stadium. I was even more nervous when I heard the sound of other teammates cheering on each other Marlboro Red 100S. This is my first trip to Qingdao. It is also the first time I have shown a dance on the stage. Although we are jumping with six people, this tension and inferiority make my heart even heavier. I immediately went to our group Cigarettes For Sale. My heart was jumping wildly. It was like a hoof of a wild horse Cigarette Tobacco For Sale. I couldn��t stand the inferiority of this inferiority Marlboro Cigarettes Price. I ran out of the stadium. I cried, tears broke. The pearl of the line kept slipping from my cheek. I hate my inferiority, I hate myself for not courage to overcome my inferiority. I don't know who took a picture on my back. It was my teammate. They said to me, ''What's wrong with you, is it nervous? It doesn't matter, you may be the first game, it must be a bit nervous, but you must relax, just treat those audiences as vegetables or fruits. Let's go, maybe it's going to race, I walked into the arena with them, but it was heavy. The mood still could not be alleviated. On the court, the inferiority appeared again. I tried to overcome it, but I was helpless. I accepted my life and did not care about that mood. In beautiful music, I I began to have confidence and saw the eyes encouraged by the teacher. I suddenly had enough confidence. I forgot to dance with the music and cooperated with the teammates. This time we actually got the first time and my mood was relieved.e victory of this competition is the comfort that my teammates gave me, the confidence that the teacher gave me, or the testimony of my own self-esteem. In this competition, I passed away with inferiority, and I went with confidence.