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    Labour leader Andrew Little's big speech at the party's buy rs3 gold election Congress was brought to you by the letter F.The outgoing or already departed tough old meat was respectfully acknowledged (Annette King, Phil Goff, Davids Cunliffe and Shearer) but the menu was otherwise very much stacked with the tender new lambs.Much was made of Jacinda Ardern's appeal to younger voters (although Ardern insisted she was also a hit in old folks' homes).The new candidates were feted though there was a bit of a "don't mention the war" approach over Willie Jackson, whose shoulder tapping by Little had already caused much controversy.The poor soul even managed to be a distraction when he was trying desperately hard to be meek and mild, courtesy of National's Alfred Ngaro's ill advised apparent threat to cut Jackson off if Jackson bagged National.There was another F at play at the conference: funds.Sugar sells.Party president Nigel Haworth began his speech with an infomercial pitch for Raj's Chutney, the Otaki electorate's homemade chutney."The Otaki Women's branch Raj's Chutney is the perfect accompaniment to any curry you take after door knocking," he intoned.Haworth's job is to make money. He has set himself to this with such vigour, they even have a fundraising slogan: "no wallet left behind".He quipped to delegates that his mates were afraid to go round for dinner lest they get charged $60 at the end.Haworth likes to dream big, and so he told delegates Labour should be aiming for 40 per cent in the polls. By way of motivation, he pointed out that increasing Labour's vote was the only way to ensure NZ First did not decide the election outcome.To get there takes more than money it will take Little persuading the voters he is a prime minister in waiting.The big policy of Little's speech was one Labour had long signalled getting rid of the tax breaks for property investors.It was not exactly the "fresh" approach or innovative thinking Little was claiming for Labour the party has long chewed over the policy.
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