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    Nitro Strength is loaded with medicinal mushrooms and other very important active ingredients and this will help to because most bodybuilders stick on an animal-based diet out of fear of losing muscle density I'm one of myself I said premenopausal I should have said premenopausal one in seven are at risk for heart disease but postmenopausal women aren't greater risk so what is your comment about this and in this statistic well when we're talking about pre menopausal with pre menopausal or it's also known as perimenopausal so what that actually means is that the the hormones are starting to shift and we're talking about testosterone testosterone is what helps to maintain the muscle mass and the cardiovascular system the heart is a muscle so one in seven pre menopausal people especially women have heart disease and it just jumps all the way up to like one in about three because once one they hit menopause that's when the hormone starts to go down so when the hormones go down these women are at greater risk yes and that's the same for men as well just like the next slide we noticed that testosterone testosterone starts to decline as we age at the age of 20 that's when our testosterone levels nice and high that's when we're motivated we're productive and we feel like we can conquer the world however by the time when we're 50 years old that testosterone level starts to dip down and t