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    ultra fast keto boost little bit higher if you can very good and two more times to each side with your own breath the last try to on the beach yes because everyone got to play with him very good keep breathing inhale and exhale here I'm gonna do it four more times there with your own breath inhale all the way up and exhale and down and meet and down and five four three two and one slowly bring it on to the side and I wanted to keep your hands to your letter here and throw up close your arms to the front try to keep your elbows and your hands together here and then open inhale and exhale brewing it back your upper I'm your forearms parallel to the floor and push your arm all the way to the side and now I went it from here just keep your hand touch hand pumps hand your palms toss each other here and then lengthen your arms to the front and then come back and then slowly move it to the side push it a little bit long further and then