Huh? How is the sixth

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    Huh? How is the sixth class of the sixth grade so busy? Is there anything new?urned out that their class was poetry reading. "Wow!" I couldn't help but sigh Newport Cigarettes Online Free Shipping, what a beautiful poetry reading!listen carefully, how much emotion they have poured! They recited affectionately, and the mischievous Chinese baby made them read out to become very elegant, as if there was a silent music Carton Of Marlboro Reds 100S, let them dance beautiful dance, and let the students intoxicated.! This is my Chinese! This is the Chinese teenager!" The last sentence is over, but the students are still intoxicated until the bells of the next class call back the students' hearts - although this poem is recited It��s over, but I believe that the students will not forget, this poem is recited, I will not forget, this poem reading, although very short, but I believe that it will always be remembered in our hearts! That day Buy Newport 100S Online, I always went to the English tutoring class by bicycle. It was a sunny and sunny weather. I sang a little song and cheerfully took my beloved bicycle on the road. Not far from the door, I found that the front tires were "squatting". When I got off the bus, I saw that there was a small, small nail in the front tire. I was forced to walk a long way. Suddenly, I found that there was a temporary repair booth on the roadside. This is really a mountain of heavy water, no doubt, nowhere, Liu Huaming, another village! I can think about it Newport 100S Carton Wholesale, why is there a temporary car repair booth today, and my bicycle is anchored? I once heard people say that someone specially deflated the bicycles of others, and then let others spend money to repair the car... but I did not bring any money! I counted my heart... I went forward and said very politely: "Master, my front tire has a nail, and you can help me deal with it." The master took the car and seriously repaired the tires for me. When he fixed the car, I pretended to be flustered. "Oh, my money, why didn't I bring my money?" The master didn't lift his head and continued to repair the next bicycle. I finally told him "helplessly": "Sorry, Master, I forgot to bring money today." The master continued his work and still did not look up to see who repaired the car and did not pay. "Forget it! Who goes out? Can there be no urgent matter?" There is no disappointment in the tone. Originally, I was waiting for blame, but I got "no disappointment." At that time, I was not only surprised, but even panicked. "How is the gap between people so big?" I regretted it, regret that I should not blame him Cheap Newport 100S Cigarettes Online, regret that I went out and forgot to bring money, regret myself... my nose is sour, my eyes seem to be "sweating".hearted master, I have only seen you, but I will never forget you. May a good man be safe in his life.