I think Mourinho has lost the confidence

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    Jan 7, 2018
    I think Mourinho has lost the confidence of the players, I do not see the morale of the players in the field. It is not easy to get these players back on track, and now United have no longer had a harmonious atmosphere early in the season. Now Manchester United have not won the Premiership title for five years Rich Clune Jersey, which is incredible in the era of Ferguson Mattias Ekholm Jersey. Di Barra has scored 14 goals for Juventus scored, "Mirror" is expected to his worth as high as 90 million pounds, Juventus certainly will not easily let go, for which, Pogba The intervention will be crucial. Luca library in this summer before the official transfer to Manchester United before Paul Gaustad Jersey, and Pogba together in the United States on vacation, and now Mourinho hopes a similar scene to happen again, after all, Manchester United has now slipped to the League 3, FA Cup and the Champions League Knockout knockout, left to Manchester United's time is running out. I do not know what he thinks now, I do not know if he will be with us for a short or long term Barret Jackman Jersey, and I'm not a psychologist. In the last round of Arsenal away to the Crystal Palace 3-2 away match, two goals Sanchez in celebration goals scored when his teammates were left out, when Arsenal legend Henry that this is the signal of the team isolated Sanchez, the British Media had previously disclosed that many gunmen want Sanchez to leave the team as early as possible so that he does not interfere with the team morale.