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    "Jane. Love", I believe everyone must have seen it, even if I have not seen it Cheap Cigarette Cartons, I have heard it. Correct! The novel is written by the British female writer Charlotte Bronte, which is called "a must-read book for women all over the world Buy Cigarettes Online Free Shipping." few days ago, we learned the lesson of "grass and big tree" and couldn't wait to see the contents of Jane. Love. Who knows that this look has fascinated me, I wrote a post-reading feeling, because I was deeply attracted by the spirit of Jane, the unyielding spirit and the vivid story. Let me share with you the feelings of reading "Jane. Love". The protagonist in this book is Jane? There are many places in love that deserve our taste, and emotional richness is an important point. For example, when Jane loved Rochester��s anger at the wife��s office, when Reed��s rebellion against her Cheap Newports, when she learned that Helen��s sadness... let us think Jane. Love is a strange, one with its own personality. peopleI like the most is Jane. I am deeply touched by the words "We finally fell in love" when we returned from Rochester with the pastor. This can explain the important factors that Jane loves to leave from Rochester, because they are unequal, one is another tutor; one is a nobleman and has ten million possessions; one is humble, and the rich can only go to school . So they can't really love each other at this time. At this time, it is the best time for them to get married, because they have experienced a lot, and the love that is honed in the points and combinations is so pure and hard to divide. novel "Jane. Love" fully embodies Charlotte Bronte's dissatisfaction with the society at that time and the pursuit of a better life. It embodies a philosophical principle that "everyone is equal Marlboro Red 100S Carton." The protagonist Mary is a British-born little girl born in India. A cholera made her lose her parents. Mary had to be sent back to the UK to live with her only relative, Mr. Craven.s temper is very bad, and she always loses her temper to the Indian babysitter. Mary lives in her uncle's manor, her temper is getting better, she rarely loses her temper, and she is very gentle, no longer squinting.y later helped her uncle's son to return to health and make her uncle and her uncle's son happy.book makes me understand that Mary is a good boy, and she has changed from a savage and self-willed to a reasonable feeling. No one likes her when Mary is very capricious. Everyone is willing to play with her when she is reasonable. Since she met the maid fact Newports Cigarettes Price, I am very introverted from the first grade to the fourth grade, and never tell others about my heart. I will not be introverted from this semester. I have something to say to others. I often chat with my good friends and laugh. my good friends said that I have changed a lot during the semester, saying that I will not be introverted, but become very cheerful.y, this is the influence that