Later, we also saw a fragment of the knife

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    Later, we also saw a fragment of the knife that we came out of, 1 knife, 3 knife, which made us cry unconsciously Wholesale Cigarettes. We cried for a long time before we could stop the tears. We also saw a military film about persistence or The next day we learned the performance of the military song team and the gratitude of the sign language Newport 100S. At night, we opened a gala evening and played a lot of programs. Some people took the flute, and I still regret it. Take the venue. There are still five or six people who still sing love, and we all sang together. the evening, we opened a small party in the bedroom, playing killing, singing and obsessing. The result was discovered by the female instructor, who gave us a stink, and our hearts all mentioned the eyes of the blind.he morning, we got up early and prepared to put up the sheets and beds, because after noon, we were leaving here. We also sent a few pieces of chocolate to the officer. We also played some equipment and a big labyrinth called the Eight Diagrams, and we will be in the theater after we finish playing.the way back to the cinema, we were punished for being in the old position because of disobedience. The three-way door of the toilet shouted: 'Cut' we are angry. They suddenly shouted: "Banana Apple Chocolate, Mercedes-Benz BMW Ferrari." We are overjoyed, this is a good opportunity for counterattack! We shouted: "The triple is chocolate, there is no Ferrari." In this way, we and the Sanlian people bicker, have been fighting to the Red Star theater. After eating the meal, we will soon return to the parents' side, but I am full of some disappointment, disappointing the officer's humor, serious, terrible.want the military officers to say goodbye. The military officers bid farewell to us with military ceremonies Marlboro Menthol 100S. Our three-day military training life has been reported to the passage.If you use "fun and fun" to describe my sixth grade life, it would be better to use the words "fantastic and wonderful" to be more appropriate. I still remember very clearly that shortly after the start of the new semester, there was a series of intermittent and wonderful fragments in my mind. Some are as pure as snow, some are crystal-clear, some are as dark as night, some are cloud-like and confusing... One after anothew a sweet, sour and delicious fruit in the word "illusion". I took the inspiration and painted them into the picture of the text. My life is more lovely under the fantasy imagination. I put a lmary school has already blossomed. A splendid flower, each one exudes a rich floral fragrance in the "excellent", can smell happy Cigarettes Cheaper, excited, lonely, sad ... all kinds of aromatic taste. My sixth o firmly believe that no matter where it flies, its roots are always there... This is my fantastic sixth grade Cheap Marlboro Cigarettes, will I fly to the solar energy with its footsteps? Yes, it will be.