life has not changed. The child

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    n the first day, everyone��s life has not changed. The child is playing with a water gun and the water is everywhere Cigarettes Cheaper. Home is still as usual, take a shower, drink water, cook. The seventy-year-old old people sat in the shade all day chatting. As usual, I watered the flowers and mopping the ground...After 7 days, because people were also wasting water as before, almost all of the family's reserve water had been used up Newport Cigarettes Website. All people rush like ants on hot pans and they run to the supermarket to buy water. Supermarket water suddenly soared from three to four yuan to several hundred dollars. I approached and looked at a bottle of 500ml Master Kong original 1 yuan, and now like being speculated, suddenly became a treasure, soared to a high price of 900 yuan. However, despite the price soaring, there were very few purchases on the shelves full of mineral water Carton Of Cigarettes. In order to buy water from supermarkets, some merchants even bought a 50-square-meter shop at a high price of 2 million yuan. Obviously, it has entered a state of water shortage. But despite this, people still don't care. They think they have money and they can't buy it anymore.On the eleventh day, the tragic life came completely. The stock of water in supermarkets around the world has also added up. The original value of 20,000 gold has become worthless, replaced by only 50ml of pure water. Thieves do not take risks for gold and silver jewelry, but for the water. Because of the depletion of water resources, a fatal case will occur from time to time, for more than ten milliliters of water. The trees on the street have been changed for the heat of the day. The forest has caused forest fires because of the high temperatures of the past days Newport Cigarettes Price. The firefighters mobilized. Because of the shortage of water resources, the fire only disappeared. The remaining 76% of the green forest land was burned and indirectly led to the destruction of the biological chain. People run like crazy to a remote area to take water from the river to keep their lives.n the 14th day, the freshwater resources in the creek have been depleted. Because of the depletion of water, the agricultural industry has completely collapsed. Because of the drought, most of the crops have died, and only a small part of the crop has been saved by the support of the government. The government filtered the water in some gutters and ponds and transported it to the cities. Only two minutes have passed and 100L of purified drinking water has been taken from the filter. Apples in the orchards have all disappeared. In order to quench their thirst, the Forestry Bureau uses all of the 800,000 mu of apple trees to quench their thirst.n the 15th day, the government��s water purification plant and water plant were all stolen, and 200 lawless elements held guns to steal the water. Because the water was stolen, the government was forced to stop supplying water like the whole country Marlboro Cigarettes, and only the remaining water resources could be used for the capital of the country and the economic centers Beijing and Shanghai. In some rural areas, the bodies of people and animals can be seen everywhere. I was forced to come to Shanghai.