Mozilla Thunderbird Not Working

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    Aug 2, 2019
    There are several instances where the users would come across the issue of their Mozilla Thunderbird not working. The users can easily solve this issue by following some simple troubleshooting methods. The process which you would have to follow are:

    · The users must ensure that the internet connection available on their system is functioning properly.

    · Check for any pending updates and ensure that these updates are done at the earliest.

    · The users are also suggested that they use Mozilla Thunderbird in safe mode.

    · It is also recommended that the users disable all the add-ons and extensions that they have on Mozilla Thunderbird.

    · Reconfigure the email settings on Mozilla Thunderbird.

    If the users are unable to solve the issue using the steps given above, then they would have to connect themselves with mozilla thunderbird technical support number promptly. This service is accessible on a 24-hour basis, which is entirely free of cost.

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