My ideal, speaking of my ideals.

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    My ideal, speaking of my ideals. I will always ask myself: Hey, what is your ideal. Do you want to be a great architect and build a house for people? You want to be an artist full of artistic cells, can you show your work to everyone? Do you want to be a knowledgeable teacher and teach you students? I don't know Marlboro Gold Pack, but the bigger I grow up, the more I seem to think I want to be a doctor. remember that when her grandmother was sick, she was very sick and very uncomfortable. At that time, I could only help but look at what I could do. I could only cry hard. I really think that I am useless. But an "angel" came, she cured her grandmother, and her grandmother's face finally had a smile instead of a painful expression. I saw this scene in my heart and there was a saying "I must be a famous doctor when I grow up. I want to help the sick like the angel and solve the pain for them!"since that time, I often buy books about medicine, as well as some medical knowledge online, and even go to some medical TV.nally, hard work pays off, I have always believed that the opportunity is reserved for those who are prepared. Once my sister was sick, she had a fever. At that time, I was very anxious because my parents were not there. Finally, I calmed down, I went through the books I bought Cigarette Tobacco For Sale, and finally I found out how to treat fever. I will follow the book immediately. In the end, during the process of my intense sweating, I took the elder sister's treatment and gave it a fever Cheap Marlboro Cigarettes. I knew that my parents came back and took my sister to the hospital. In the winter of 2001, my grandfather took a one-year-old me and my two-year-old sister left a most meaningful photo. Grandpa likes to drink, and he has a few mouthfuls of lunch and dinner every day. He often does something unexpected. However, Grandpa doesn't like to laugh too much, but always flats his face. night, Grandpa recruited many relatives and friends. Although the home was messed up, it was very lively. I was in the bedroom with my sister and I was obsessed with it (there was no light at the time). We both played sweaty, and I often sneered, sometimes secretly watching where my sister was hiding in the curtains Marlboro Lights, and sometimes ran out to catch people. Just as we were having a good time, the bedroom door opened and it shot into the dazzling light. I quickly covered my eyes and sneaked out from my fingers. It turned out to be Grandpa! Grandpa took us out, and my sister and I sat on Grandpa��s shoulder. ��Giggle... Giggle...�� Smiled.soon as I arrived at the living room, the eyes of the guests gathered for me and my sister. I looked at them with trepidation, and my sister smiled at them generously. The guests said:e two children are so handsome!"le, yos the mother came in with the camera, the guests know that Grandpa wants to take pictures, have to let out the sofa, rushing to grab the mother's back to help the mother find the angle. In this way, I sat in my grandfather's left leg in a serious manner, and my sister rode a cloth tiger on the right side of Grandpa, and extended my left hand and glared at me. Perhaps our posture is too funny, Grandpa has revealed a rare smile. A have come up with photos from time to time Newport Cigarettes. This photo not only reminds me of my childhood memories, but also my love for my deceased grandfather.