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    Starting off as a small Boston company in the early years of the twentieth century, the company has developed a global presence and is today one of the leading manufacturers of shoes for all sports. Walking shoes from New Balance have been trusted by generations and you will not go wrong with a pair.

    Yes, new balance wr996 is great pair of jogging shoes. Even if you, not a big fan of running who is 6'8″ and 250 pounds or so, had a pain in your feet and/or knees on running long distances, you could put on them for 12-14 miles per week and could not have any foot pain or blisters. Like most other jogging shoes, to be a little stiff at first, they do take a couple of days to break in. If you run/walk in them consistently, you will only take about a week to fully break in. All in all, they are pretty comfortable and a very good jogging shoes at a very fair price.

    The Ndurance option offered on the new balance weiß has become a popular option for selection for many runners. The innovative rubber compound created by New Balance provides the feeling of easy transition to high speeds. The rubber also offers flexibility and durability to ensure the runner is able to utilize this shoe option in all climates.

    This new balance 574 damen offers cushioning to support the forefront, midsole, and heel of the foot. Providing support to each section of the foot provides additional protection against the shock absorption experienced by runners during the standard range of motion. Runners are provided the additional support needed to regain balance and the comfort to purse distance.