On June 25, Hao Jian proposed to

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    On June 25, Hao Jian proposed to me my desire to ride a bike to Lavender Marlboro Lights. I promised that because his dream gave me an unprecedented pleasure, in his dream, there was a sunny charm. I couldn��t stop myself from being completely different from himself, but it was excusable. He was more eager to bathe in the sun than others, because he had gotten frozen.On June 26, I rode the car with Hao Jian. In the path in the lavender, his appearance changed lifelessly. His eyes shot a strange light. I looked back at him sitting in the back seat. Vibrant. This is the spirit of a 12-year-old boy! The cluster of soft and delicate lavender dyed the sky with blue-violet pigments, accompanied by light dancing steps of the blue butterfly, which made people feel relaxed and happy. Hao Jian saw that Lavender was happy for the gifts he had presented. His only word was "Wow!"On June 27, Hao Jianyou proposed to me for going to the beach. I was a little hesitant this time. Hao Jian��s life is not much. He said that the time of the day had been deducted last time. If this goes on... ...but I couldn't resist the radiating light of his expectations, and I had to agree to his request. "It's beautiful." He rushed to run on the beach. I was alone and worried about him. But soon, I was immersed in the endless beauty of the sea. The combination of the blue waters and the pale blue sky, like the paintings with dark blue and blue pigments Carton Of Marlboro Reds, was a most proud masterpiece of nature. In this way, when Hao Jian ran, Death's Sickle broke the day's time.n July 11th, I was skipped in the middle diary, because I really couldn't bear to record the time with him. After that, he constantly put forward various requirements, far beyond what I could afford, and his body. One day weaker, pale face, the body's limbs can not move, make people heartbreak. Counting it, the day after tomorrow may be the day he fluttered. "I want to...go... lavender...bush." ??His voice trembled. ��You can't stay active in bed, or spend the last time quietly.�� ��Please... ! Where I must go Wholesale Cigarettes, I want to be with my mother!�� Mom?On July 12, I brought him to the lavender bush as he wished. Her mother was buried here. It is no wonder that he would choose to sleep here Newport Cigarettes Coupons. I slowly helped him, the sick man. "It's beautiful here, isn't it?" I said to him with a smile. He nodded and agreed. When the breezes swayed in the breeze, he reached out and stroked the lavender. "I... smelled... Mom's ... scented." Then, his head fell on my shoulder and went to sleep Marlboro Cigarettes. This ... I am afraid I was the last time I used his dream.