Only the mother is good in the

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    Only the mother is good in the world, and the mother of the mother is like a treasure. Into the mother's arms, happiness can't enjoy..." Yes, from small to big, my mother's love for me is like the stars in the sky, countless. . My mother cares about me and how can I forget it? I once remembered that I had a red dot all over the body of a goose egg. It was very itch. My mother saw that my allergies were terrified. I quickly picked me up and went straight to the hospital. When the doctor said that I was fine, my mother��s hanging heart was put down. The doctor told her not to let me catch the allergic area. In the evening, I accidentally woke up and found my mother by my side, thinking that my mother just looked at me for a while, and then went to sleep. Later, I learned that my mother stayed at my bed for a night in order not to let me scratch the itc the teacher gave us a special assignment - say to my father and mother: "I love you" Cigarette Tobacco For Sale, if you are embarrassed, you can write on paper. I was very excited to hear this assignment. Teacher, teacher, your assignment is really what I always wanted to say to my mother. I just want to face the mother sI got home in the evening, I thought about it. I decided to write the three words "I love you" on a piece of paper. I took the courage to go to my mother. strange? How can you change the distance of one or two steps? My palms sweated and finally came to my mother Marlboro Gold Pack. I took a deep breath, and my heart was like fifteen buckets of water �C seven up and down. what happened? Just say it, then why is it like the heartbeat speed of six laps in the physical education class? Don't be too nervous Cigarettes For Sale, relax. I am desperate to comfort myself. However Marlboro Cigarettes Online, somehow, I was so nervous that even "mother" could not be called out! After waiting for a long time, I finally got the courage to say, "Mom..." Mom heard me calling her, and asked in confusion: "What happened?" I can't really say "I love you", so I handed over the paper that had been wet with sweat. When Mom took a look, she smiled embarrassedly and said humorously: "Dwarf oil Cheap Marlboro Cigarettes, people are embarrassed." After that, my mother's eyes were wet. I "hit" and laughed. My mother put me in my arms and said, "Baby daughter, mother also loves you. As long as you and your brother learn well, Mom and Dad will work harder and willing." I snuggle tightly. In the arms of my mother, my heart is as sweet as eating honey.s say "I love you" loudly to our parents, and use their actions to repay the love of our parents!