Our campus roads are shaded, birds and

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    Our campus roads are shaded, birds and flowers, spacious and bright classrooms with open sports fields, and kind teachers and lovely classmates. When the sweet-scented osmanthus is open, the bursts of flowers will sneak into our classrooms, so that we are refreshed and more energetic.the east of the school is the playground. Where are we going to raise the national flag and sing the national anthem on Monday; where we will be in the big class between Tuesday and Friday. Something, we can go to the playground at noon! You see, the red and green circular playground is like a colorful cymbal. The students chase, play, and play on it, just like choosing a happy note that beats.south is a teaching building connected to the north Marlboro Red 100S, where there are music classrooms, calligraphy classrooms and reading rooms. The music classroom can teach us many moving songs; in the calligraphy classroom, we can teach us the basics of soft pens or hard pens; in the reading room Read stories or albums written by many famous writers.he west is the gate to the campus Online Cigarettes. There is a flower bed in front of the gate. There is a monument in the flower bed. The tablet reads ��Chongshi��. In May, the flower beds were flying in the grass. The grasses and small flowers at the beginning were now invisible, and the flowers that replaced them were replaced by beautiful flowers. They bathe in the gentle spring breeze and lie in the arms of the Mother Earth. A burst of brown wind blows, the flowers mix together and drill straight into your heart. The bees and the butterflies were very sensitive Newport Cigarettes Coupons. They came in and participated in the flower e north is the teaching building. In the morning Newport Cigarettes, you will hear the sound of our books; at noon, you will hear the laughter of the students playing and playing; in the evening you will hear silent.campus. It is the hall where you take us into knowledge. It is also the door where you take us into knowledge. In the early morning, Huang Qi sang in the spring Marlboro Red, the butterfly danced in the flowers, and the flowers were accompanied. This harmonious concert attracted me. I walked alone on the riverside and enjoyed the flowers. I walked on the small road next to my grandmother's house. The flowers that my grandmother worked hard to cultivate were covered with small roads. The blossoming spirit was full and full of ambiguity, and a breeze blew through the flowers. Dancing, a pressed one, seems to be a dazzling layer of skirt. Some have colorful butterflies to add color to the flowers, and they dance on the flowers to form a beautiful picture. I walked cautiously, for fear of scaring away these lovely little creatures, I thought to admire: It��s so good, really beautiful! I was deeply fascinated by here and could not bear to leave...n rises, the golden light shines on this picture. I look at these colorful butterflies for a long time, as if everyone has a heart and soul. I looked at it with nostalgia and left, and the birds kept with a beautiful song. The butterfly is retained in a graceful dance. It's all natural. the picture, I can't help but think of the moment worthy of nostalgia...