Picking out one of the various systems that exis

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    The reason for a person to learn shorthand is to increase one’s writing speed in order to fulfill the requirements of their job. This allows for the ability to take notes almost as fast as a lecturer can speak using a symbolic writing system. Thus one will be able to accurately report certain facts to those they are responsible to through writing a certain type of letter Authentic Telvin Smith Jersey , a formal report, or an article of a particular kind.

    Picking out one of the various systems that exist is one of the steps one needs to take to learn shorthand. Next one will have to practice that system through a series of drills and exercises. These exercise will most likely be assigned by the instructor that heads the class one is attending.

    Some of the characteristics that many of these systems usually have in common are unique treatments used for vowels, abbreviations for frequently used phrases or words, and the recording of the sounds of speech rather than the spelling. Thus one of the first required lessons is the learning of all those symbols that are used.

    Another important lesson one will learn is the omission of those words that are superfluous. Which will then allow one to more quickly note down the pertinent information one truly needs to refer back to.

    One lesson that is also common to one of these course is the treatment of numbers. Thus one will have the chance to record any number without the slowing of one’s recording speed which may cause the loss of other facts that may be vital. A distinct advantage for those who are expected to be accurate in what they report.

    The ability to learn shorthand will allow one to have the efficiency at doing their work many desire. Thus when the courses have been completed their reporting of many facts will be more accurate. Thus one will be in a better position to be recognized for their work in the best way.

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    TOKYO, Aug. 15 (Xinhua) -- Japan's economy essentially stalled in the April-June quarter, expanding an annualized 0.2 percent in real terms with the figure coming in below economists' expectations, the government said on Monday.

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    Analysts also highlighted the fact that increased corporate profits have not been converted into expenditure, with capital expenditures slipping 0.4 percent in the quarter, as businesses here perceive the domestic market as being weak and are reluctant to increase spending or investments.

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