Sleep apnea is actually a severe sleeping disorder

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    Sleep apnea Wholesale Indiana Pacers Jersey , a serious sleeping disorder, affects millions of people around the world - and perhaps millions more had it been properly diagnosed. The World Health Organization revealed that about 100 million people in the world have been diagnosed with sleep apnea; and in the US, about 1 in 4 men have it, as well as 1 in 9 women. Over 12 million people are afflicted by sleep apnea in the US alone; and worldwide figures indicate that only 25 percent of sufferers have been properly diagnosed.

    So what exactly is sleep apnea?

    Sleep apnea is actually a severe sleeping disorder – more serious that most people realize. It occurs when a person repeatedly pauses from breathing during his sleep, which can range from a few times to hundreds of times in a single night. These pauses usually last for about 10-20 seconds Wholesale Los Angeles Clippers Jersey , and may cause lowered oxygen levels in the brain and the rest of the body. Obstructive sleep apnea, the more common type of this disorder, happens when something blocks a person's airway during sleep. Usually a soft tissue at the back of the throat causes the blockage, which is often the case in small children with enlarged tonsils. Central sleep apnea, on the other hand Wholesale Los Angeles Lakers Jersey , happens when the breathing control center in the brain doesn't function properly and forgets to send signals to muscles to breathe.

    During a sleep apnea episode, oxygen levels in a person's body drops which causes the brain to emit signals to kick start breathing which temporarily disrupts sleep and resumes with a choking or gasping sound. Most people with obstructive sleep apnea usually don't remember briefly waking up due to their snorting or choking sounds, but people with central sleep apnea may find themselves awakened by their own sounds.

    People at risk

    Like most Sleep Disorders Los Angeles, sleep apnea can happen to anyone regardless of age, race Wholesale Memphis Grizzlies Jersey , or gender. However, several factors put people at risk for this condition such as:
    • Overweight
    • Has some sort of nasal obstruction or sinus issues
    • Gastroesophageal reflux
    • Large tonsils
    • Large tongue
    • Small jawbone
    • Neck size bigger than 17 inches in men and 16 niches in women
    • Family history of sleep apnea
    • Male
    • Aged beyond 40

    Debilitating effects

    Sleep apnea doesn't just rob a person of a good and restful slumber. This chronic condition induces daytime sleepiness, lack of concentration, and slow reflexes due to persistent lack of sleep. Due to these factors, a person can develop high blood pressure Wholesale Miami Heat Jersey , heart diseases, irregular heartbeats, depression, diabetes, worsening ADHD Wholesale Milwaukee Bucks Jersey , and obesity over time.

    Diagnosis and treatment
    Good news is, not everyone who snores is afflicted with sleep apnea. Bad news is, not everyone who has this disorder snores. So how can a person tell? Experts say persistent sleepiness throughout the day and extreme fatigue are the major signs to look out for when on the lookout for sleep apnea. Typical snoring doesn’t usually disrupt sleep as much as this disorder can. A bed partner or a family member can also monitor a person suspected of having sleep apnea.
    Warning signs shouldn't be taken for granted, so anyone who thinks he has any form of sleep apnea should immediately consult a doctor. While it is a serious condition, sleep apnea is definitely treatable. Medical experts specializing in Sleep Apnea Treatment Los Angeles can help find an effective treatment Wholesale Minnesota Timberwolves Jersey , which can range from medications, dental appliances like mouthpieces, lifestyle and behavioral changes.
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