The Catholic faithful in Guam led praye

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    The Catholic faithful in Guam led prayers for peace Sunday in the shadow of North Korean missile threat Lamar Miller Youth Jersey , with the western Pacific island's archbishop appealing for "prudence" amid an escalating war of words between the US and Pyongyang.

    The largely Catholic territory should pray for a "just resolution of differences, and prudence in both speech and action," said Archbishop Michael Byrnes, echoing a flurry of international calls for US President Donald Trump to show greater rhetorical restraint.

    A "prayers for peace" lunchtime rally in the capital Hagatna drew around 100 people. But despite Guam having become the center of a threatened showdown between the US and nuclear-armed North Korea, many said they were unfazed.

    "I am really not scared because if it's our time to die it is our time to die DeAndre Hopkins Youth Jersey ," added Sita Manjaras, 62, a retired teacher from Tamuning.

    Father Mike Crisostomo said their response to the threat was to have faith and pray.

    "This goes to show to the other worlds, to the other nations and the countries, that Guam may be small J.J. Watt Youth Jersey , our faith and our trust is big," he said.

    Dora Salazar, 82, who made the 14-kilometer journey from the village of Mangilao for the peace rally, said she was praying for the North's leader Kim Jong-un. "We pray that God will touch his heart Keke Coutee Womens Jersey ," she said.

    In response to Trump's threat of "fire and fury," North Korea has pledged to have plans ready in a matter of days to launch an "enveloping fire" of missiles towards Guam.

    At the island's main church, the Dulce Nombre de Maria Cathedral-Basilica, Father Paul Gofigan told the congregation to be prepared in case North Korea does launch its missiles.

    "What would you do if you have only 14 minutes left? The thing to do is pray and reflect," he said. "Prioritize your life. This is a wake-up call Jordan Akins Womens Jersey , no matter what happens."

    Trump has been engaged all week in verbal sparring with the North over its weapons and missile programs, declaring Friday that the US military is "locked and loaded."

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