The protagonist of the story is a little girl.

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    The protagonist of the story is a little girl. She is called Wei Jialu. She was born to be a top-ranking champion and defending champion Cigarette Online. However, due to the abnormality of the junior high school exam, she fell into the end school, the pencil head school. Surrounded by a group of students in the vegetable market. What makes people stunned is that the principal of the pencil head school is also a "semi-human" principal! Wei Jialu felt that she could not stay in this school Newport Cigarettes, but with the development of the story, the four poor students came to them, let Wei Jiazhen understand the protection of the principal's room, and unexpectedly got the happiness of the snail principal. Spell: No matter how you are now, go ahead and look forward, you don't know how good the future willreading this book, I took a deep breath: we all have poor students around us, and the students who are praised by the students for their praise will also have bad times Marlboro Menthol 100S. When we are poor, don't give up, think about the snail principal's happiness spell and continue to study hard. The new semester begins, and we are now like a blank piece of paper, what it looks like when we want to draw something. Our future is our own! As long as you work hard, you will have aThis morning, a heavy snow came to our city. The floor of the compound was covered with thick quilts, which caused first gathered the snow piled up on the entrance to the two sides. Dad took the shovel and started shoveling snow. I ran to the office building and took a very practical tool. It consists of a wooden stick and a piece of wood Marlboro Red 100S, and it is no longer appropriate to use it to clean thdside. After a while, a few uncles came down again, and they took out tools and started shoveling sn ground, and then I pushed them to the side of the road. I took the tools and worked hard. As the saying goes, people are more powerful, and everyone has a clear division of labor. In a short while, the snow in front of the corridor is cleaned up. We continued to move forward until we reached the driveway of the compound. Because the vehicles are always passing, the snow has begun to melt, not as compact as the corridor entrance, and better cleaned up. Everyone used a spade to shove the snow and made a sound of metal friction. I am not willing to show weakness, pushing the tools to push the snow back and forth, finally Carton Of Marlboro Reds, after our efforts, the snow in the driveway is cleaned up.e snow on the roadside is not too shallow. I put on the shovel, and I can also submit the manuscript. You can also submit the manuscript. The foot is on the top of the piece of iron. When you force it, you shoveway in the courtyard was cleaned up. Looking at the results of the morning labor, I think this is the spiritual realm of "everyone is for me, I am for everyone": everyone Snow in front of the door, then it will not affect the perfect future!