The Sikharulidzes' rejoice was overturned to remorse

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    By Veko Kvaratskhelia

    TBILISI Matt Duffy Jersey , April 4 (Xinhua) -- Nika Sikharulidze's dream of dribbling, passing, shooting and scoring like Cristiano Ronaldo or Lionel Messi was long dashed and his family now just does not know what to do with their boy whose head and body is still healing from a car accident from five years ago.

    The Sikharulidzes' rejoice was overturned to remorse by a trip to church prior to Nika's visit to FC Barcelona's football school.

    ""I still remember the scene when I looked at him immediately after the accident,"" said Nika's father Gela Sikharuldze. ""Half of his head was missing and his skull was crushed to tiny pieces.""

    Nika had been playing football since the age of six and was picked up by a visiting FC Barcelona talent scout in Tbilisi.

    ""Five years have passed and our boy is 16 now; but the five years have healed none of us from what we have been through,"" said the father.

    What's harder for the family is the reality of before and now.

    At 11, Nika was a boy full of dreams and ecstatic about his trip to Barcelona; now at 16 Kevin Kiermaier Jersey , Nika cannot walk, cannot speak, has lost his memory and lost sight on one eye due to brain and cerebral damages caused by that car accident.

    Even though doctors said that it was already a miracle that Nika had survived at all; the family is hoping for another miracle of their Nika recovering more or less toward being a normal kid of his age.

    Nika is not alone as car accident victims in the South Caucasus country, where hundreds of people even lose their lives to car accidents each year.

    Unlike Nika, Giorgi Tevezadze, who had already made his fame as the Tbilisi street speeder and drifter and most talented driver in the Caucasus Chris Archer Jersey , died 26 in a car accident last year.

    Reckless driving in the form of drunk driving, speeding and vying for rights of roads has been appealed as an urgent social and psychological reform area in Georgia, which leads the South Caucasus in reported road traffic accidents: one person is injured every hour in a traffic-related accident and one traffic death occurs every 18 hours.

    The Georgian interior ministry has attributed traffic accidents to speeding, drunk driving and mechanical failure as the top three causes.

    The World Health Organization puts Georgia's number of fatalities at 16.8 per 100,000 population, compared with 13.9 per 100 Lucas Duda Jersey ,000 in neighboring Armenia and 13.0 per 100,000 in neighboring Azerbaijan; due to the fact that Georgia's car ownership ratio is 108 per 1,000 population as against Armenia's 96 per 1,000 and Azerbaijan's 72 per 1,000.

    Thanks to efforts of civil society as well as of authorities, Georgia's traffic accidents have dwindled from 6 Evan Longoria Jersey ,015 reported cases in 2008 with 867 deaths to 4,486 reported cases in 2011 with 626 deaths, according to latest available data.

    Georgia still faces one of its most snaring reforms of all, long after the South Caucasus country has reformed its traffic police, traffic regulations and traffic education.

    Speed detecting cameras and radars have followed compulsory seat-belting in the front seats, before stripping drunk drivers off their driving licenses for a whole year alongside a financial penalty have gone into force to help improve road safety in Georgia.

    Still another legislation was made late in 2013 during the country's road safety campaign to render motor vehicle mechanical check-ups compulsory and to render driving license tests more rigorous and exacting.

    To the Sikharulidzes Wade Boggs Jersey , however, all these are ""better-late-than-never"" improvements to make roads safer in their country.

    ""But it's hard to say something about what can improve my son's conditions right now,"" said Gela Sikharulidze. ""We have visited dozens of doctors and almost all of them said that Nika has a grooving organism right now and it is hard to make plastic surgery or reconstruction surgery on his skull because they all might fail when he gets older and bigger.""

    So now what the Sikharulidzes do as their daily routine is passive swimming and massage in the hope of assisting their son back up and walking again.

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