The Texans executed a plan that prompted the Jaguars to bench quarterback Blake Bortles.

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    So how did they pull it off?Safety Tyrann Mathieu told PFT by phone after Sunday’s win that the Texans knew that Bortles likes to tuck the ball and run when his first read isn’t there. So the goal was to force him to try to go to his second read — or to make him think the first read would be there when it really wasn’t.“We wanted to try to make him think a little bit ,” Mathieu said. “We wanted to try to get him to go read to read.”Mathieu said he was nevertheless surprised that the Jaguars made the change from Blake Bortles to Cody Kessler, and that the Jaguars increased the tempo and did more hurry-up offense after putting the backup in.Mathieu intercepted a Kessler pass. Mathieu explained that, on the play, the Houston defense was in Cover Two and that he noticed a potential overthrow to running back T.J. Yeldon. The overthrow happened, Yeldon tipped the ball, and Mathieu caught it in stride.2018 NFL Season Preview: Game Pass Rankings (Part I) Before you continue, check your bank account. Do you have $99? If you don’t, close the browser. Go mow some lawns , babysit some twenty-somethings’ children, donate plasma, and head to the Coinstar. Cool. You’re back? You do have $99? Onwards now. Purchase NFL Game Pass and gear up for the best way to watch football. [​IMG]Watch the games LIVE that you care about, ignore the rest, go for a walk instead, and then come back.Examine the recent past with coach’s film and condensed games to see as much of what you want as quickly as you could want it. Despite the convenience and the amount of information available, it’s daunting. There’s too many games, too many players , too many teams. There are too many ways you can waste your finite time on boring, bland, and uninteresting football. To help you, and ourselves out for the upcoming season, we ranked every NFL team’s by their Game Pass entertainment value, just like we did last year. The categories are: The final rankings are both of our combined scores. Here are teams 32-17. The teams you don’t need to watch, and the teams you kind of sort of need to. 32.) Cleveland Browns (Last Year’s Ranking: 11)Matt Weston:Luke Beggs:31.) Miami Dolphins (12)Matt Weston:T-30.) Buffalo Bills (14)Matt Weston:T-30.) Tampa Bay Buccaneers (14)Matt Weston:Luke Beggs:28.) Arizona Cardinals (17)Matt Weston:Luke Beggs:Matt Weston:T-27.) Indianapolis Colts (18)Matt Weston:T-27.) New York Jets (18)Matt Weston:25.) Cincinnati Bengals (19)Matt Weston:T-24.) Oakland Raiders (20)Matt Weston:T-24.) New York Giants (20)Matt Weston:T-24.) Baltimore Ravens (20)Matt Weston:T-21.) Detroit Lions (22)Matt Weston:Luke Beggs:T-20.) Denver Broncos (22)Matt Weston:19.) San Francisco 49ers (24)Matt Weston: Luke Beggs:T-18.) Seattle Seahawks (25)Matt Weston:Luke Beggs:T-18.) Dallas Cowboys (25)Matt Weston:Check back tomorrow for Part Two.