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    This sentence is the deepest memory of my memory of Lily on the Heart. The main content of this article is about the story of a lily flower. lily flower grows on a cliff, but when the lily grows out, it is no different from other weeds. The flower buds that grow out are said to be long on the head by other weeds, and even the bee butterfly persuades the lily. However, the lily did not give up, but instead tried to absorb the sun and water deeply rooted on the edge of the cliff. I don��t know how many months of lilies have finally produced the first flower. The seeds of the lily wandered with the wind. After decades, it was called the Lily Valley. Many people came to appreciate the lily from the city and the countryside Cigarettes For Sale. The children lingered in the lilac lace to smell the aroma of the lily Marlboro Gold, and the couple embraced each other and held the wish for a hundred years Newport Cigarettes listening to it, do you feel that the plot of the story is very intriguing? Thinking of the strength of the lily, I gave a hint of admiration from the bottom of my heart. If the lily is listening to weeds and bees, then there will be no such beautiful place is also true in real life. Don't retreat if you have a little difficulty. You should be brave enough to face difficulties Marlboro Cigarettes a lily, not a weed, the only way to prove that I am a lily is to bloom the most beautiful flowers Cigarette Tobacco For Sale. This sentence will accompany me through my life. In a blink of an eye, 20 years later, 2033 years! This said that one morning, I opened my eyes and saw that "Fifi" had placed the breakfast on the table set with diamonds! I ate the breakfast, brushed my teeth and washed my face. Because today is the day of the class gathering of elementary school students.rove the No. 1 car to the classroom 20 years ago and waited for them to arrive. "Hey! Who is this? Oh, it turned out to be the painter of our class, Wang Hao!" 20 years later, he is already a famous painter. After that, Sun Fei drove BMW L to the school, wow! He is also a well-known mathematician!