Today, just on Saturday, my mother said

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    Today, just on Saturday, my mother said that she was going to cut corn, and it was the whole family mobilization. Although her sister was small, it was no exception. I think she can do something so small! Later I realized that I underestimated he the weather is fine and the sun is shining. I got up from six o'clock and didn't take a break: cleaning, cooking, washing dishes, and going uphill. This is my day's itinerary! After arriving at the destination, I put down my bicycle. Looking at the fruit of an acre of fruit in the field. I can't help but go to the field. I seem to have entered a fairyland. There is no noise, no war, and only a row of neat corn poles stand there. One by one seems to be standing in the military position. Dad then drove the tractor of my house. He was the main force. How could he save the wealth of the year without hi took the bag and basket of corn from the car and was ready to start. "Oh, my hand." When I called, my mother rushed over and asked nervously: "What happened?" I said, "I was swept by the cornstalk." Mom started giving me political lessons again. "Look, now the children are spoiled one by one. When we were as big as you were, we didn't just live less. If you don't study well, you will go home and repair the earth later Cheap Marlboro Cigarettes..." The words are a bit like jokes Cheap Cigarettes, but I understand what mom means. Then, watching Mom's skill and putting a basket of corn on the cart Marlboro Gold, I was very anxious. Learning the look of my mother, I quickly put corn in the basket, but they didn't seem to listen to me. I put ten in the basket and I had to drop six. They don't match me at all. Later, during the process of doing business with each other, I found that the original farm work was also skillful. As the saying goes, everything has to wo said: "Which corn is good, the harvest is much. It must be the hard work of the owner, or there will be no good harvest." At this moment, I was thinking: Do you have to learn anything, then Work hard and then harvest. It's all about this process. Back home, I was thinking: Today's learning pressure is very sss, I seem to have grown up a lot. Where did I go before I didn��t understand things and didn��t listen to my parents? I seem to have found the true self! "If you don't experience the wind and rain Carton Of Newports, how can you see the rainbow Marlboro Red 100S, no one can succeed casually!" The lyrics echoed in my ear, I know: even if you are tired again, you are sweating for your own future.