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    Home Care Franchise as an opportunity
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    You all may have noticed that the franchise world is growing at a fast pace whether we want our taxes done, our windshields repaired , or our house cleaned franchise owners can do it all for us. Along with the other franchise types, the senior health care niche is the one which is at the highest boon. There are a lot of advantages which have taken the Home Care Franchise to the top. The biggest reason is higher ROI; home care franchise is the sector which can bring high revenue within a relatively low investments. Along with being a profitable opportunity, senior care franchise is also a noble cause to support.

    Are you interested in being a trusted individual for senior care and looking to buy a Senior Care Franchise to a start senior care business? If yes is your take, then approaching a Franchise Consultant should be your call. Well seeking a business franchise is certainly a confusing as well as daunting process. The best trick here is to ask any franchise consultant who is himselfherself has completed extensive training in how to analysis and evaluate franchise opportunities.

    An experience franchise owner as well as consultant can effectually help and assist you whilst the complete process. If you are also looking out for such a franchise broker then you should contact Lewis Trio! Lewis Trio is a former franchise owner as well as a former franchise CEO Ryan Kerrigan Jersey , with20 years of experience in the franchise industry; he can help you find the best business franchise for yourself. Along with all this Lewis Trio is also a founder of ‘The Franchise Learning Channel’ a website which teaches people how to buy a franchise. If you want to make an educated decision on Senior Care Franchises industry, then it is highly recommended that you contact Lewis to discuss your plans for starting a senior care business.

    In addition to this, on his website top10seniorcarefranchises, you can even find ranking of the top 10 Home Health Care Franchises to select the best home health care business for you. His services are free to use (the franchise companies’ pay his fees) to have him assist you in not only understanding the senior care business but also franchising in general. So there is no cost or sales pitch to listen to, just advice from a 20 year franchise veteran. Get in touch to get started.


    CHONGQING, July 24 (Xinhua) -- Paying for your groceries by scanning a QR code on your smart phone is a perfectly normal thing to do in China today.

    As cold hard cash vanishes into the mists of time Jordan Reed Jersey , it seems that the cashiers are about to evaporate too.

    Over the weekend, Yiqi Shan, a cashier-free store in southwest China's Chongqing metropolis, registered its 1,800th sale, two weeks after opening.

    The 24-hour convenience store is on the first floor of an office building in an industrial park. It offers various beverages Josh Norman Jersey , fast food and snacks in a space of just 12 square meters.

    First-time customers sign up by scanning a QR code at the entrance, choosing a password, registering their phone number and submitting a selfie. They are then admitted through a ticket gate similar to those at subway stations.

    Scanning bar codes is hardly a highly skilled job and customers - honest customers - can do it just as well as any cashier. When the subsequent mobile payment is complete, another QR code is generated which allows the customer through the ticket gate and out of the store.

    Deng Jie, deputy director of the company that owns the store, described three measures that have been taken to prevent shoplifting. First Trent Williams Jersey , the customer's selfie is compared with the Public Security Bureau's national ID database.

    Second, every corner of the store comes under the steely gaze of surveillance devices that never sleep.

    Third, if a customer somehow manages to escape from the store without paying, he or she receives a friendly reminder by text message requesting payment. If the warning is ignored, the customers is banned from the store and a black mark added to his or her personal credit record.

    ""The cashier-free store is the result of the coming together of new technology and consumer demand,"" Deng said. Her technical team worked on the app for over three years with 300 Adrian Peterson Jersey ,000 yuan (44,000 U.S. dollars) poured into the project.

    Venture capitalists believe cashier-free stores could be ""the next big thing,"" and Deng's company plans to open 25 more this year in various parts of the country, with 200 franchised stores in Chongqing.

    Earlier this month, Alibaba opened its first brick and mortar store ""Tao Cafe"" in the company's hometown, Hangzhou Alex Smith Jersey , capital of east China's Zhejiang Province. A long queue of curious customers soon formed.

    In Shanghai, cashier-free stores are already a part of the landscape. BingoBox Minimarkets, 15-square-meter box, have been installed in many residential communities.

    Customers open the door by scanning a QR code, select fresh fruit and daily necessities and check out by e-payment, pretty much a clone of the Yiqi Shan system. There will be 5 Custom Washington Redskins Jerseys ,000 BingoBoxes in place by the end of August, according to the company website.

    The focus of the retail industry is shifting from price to customer experience.

    ""'Restructuring' could become a key word for retail,"" said Zhang Yong, CEO of Alibaba. ""The flow of production, relationships between sellers and customers, and the shopping experience will be revolutionized to the extent that every customer is identified Throwback Washington Redskins Jerseys , understood and served.""

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