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    Tenerife's mild and sunny year-round climate makes it a golfer's dream destination and the island is home to a number of world-renowned golf courses.

    Golfers can play here virtually every day of the year and can vary their game by playing on a variety of courses, all of which are challenging in their own way.

    In the South of the island there are two 18-hole, two 27-hole and two 9-hole courses.

    If you think you would like to live right beside a golf course, there is certainly plenty of choice of size, type and price of property for you.

    The property surrounding the Costa Adeje course is amongst the most exclusive in Tenerife, with modern, luxury villas commanding a price of around 1,600,000.00锟?

    In nearby La Caleta, there is a wider range of property with prices starting at around 220,000.00锟?for a one-bed apartment.

    Las Americas course is situated beside a smart, modern apartment complex, where a one-bed fully furnished apartment, can be bought for around 160,000.00锟?

    Golf del Sur and Amarilla Golf are both complete resort areas in themselves, having a mixture of new-build and older property, with prices starting at around 85,000.00锟?for a one-bed apartment.

    A brand new course located on the South West coast.

    Held the European Tour Event "Canary Islands Open" in October 2005. This world class course is situated on the South West coast of Tenerife within the 5star luxurious Abama Gran Hotel, Golfing Resort and Spa Complex.

    Stunning Atlantic coastal views across to La Gomera.

    There are 18 holes, 7139yds par 72.
    Nine holes still to be built giving a grand total of 27. White sand bunkers.

    26 lakes and over 34,000 Palm trees.

    Altitude: Lowest point 240 ft above sea level. Highest point 250 ft above sea level.

    Facilities: Club house, Pro shop, Driving range, Club hire, Buggy hire, Golfing academy, Practise course (3 holes).

    Green fee Rates vary from 锟?2 for Abama hotel residents (October to April)

    Telephone: 00 34 922 126 700
    Amarilla Country Club is located on the Southern coast.

    Opened in 1989.
    Held the second edition Tenerife Open in 1990, part of the famous European PGA Tour.

    Spectacular Atlantic coastal views with the backdrop of Mount Teide.

    There are 18 holes, 6258 yds, and par 72, links course. 9 Hole, par 27, Pitch and putt opened in 1999.

    Facilities: Club house, Pro shop, Driving range, Lessons, Club hire, Buggy hire, Horse riding, Tennis court, Swimming pool, Bar and Restaurant.

    Green fee Rates vary from 锟?1 (October to April)

    Telephone: 00 34 922 730319
    One of th.