Adjust The Mistake of Your Build In PoE

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    May 14, 2018
    I saw a player have question for help - he playing the flashback league using a different build to his league, a gladiator using a 1h+shield. Loving the extra survavability and damage seem nice. Firstly, he know his helm is bad (still leveling helm) but it is helping he to hit res. Then his belt also isn't the greatest but again helping him hit res cap (have a abyssal socked belt drop). So he want to be trying to upgrade, and improve build. I hope the following suggestions can help you, I also wanted to remind you can check out our cheap PoE Trade Currency.

    Belt is fine. Biggest "Mistake" is Increased Area of Effect - Support Gem in your Sunder. Take Concentrated Effect and you will see a huge difference. No you will not lose clear speed, trust me. 2 passives points above Resolute Technique can be respecced, if you take the mid route from marauder to templar, which is fine. Keep the Belt, switch the Helmet and Boots and Jewelry. Take a rare Amulet or an Impresence ( Vunerability).

    If you are using leap slam, you don't neccesarily need movement speed anywhere. This is because we will primarily be using leapslam to move around, therefore you could replace your quicksilver with a stronger utility or damage flask, and you could get really nice boots with life and resist because generally people want movement speed on their boots, and we would be searching for boots without movement speed, so they would be quite cheap.

    If you can afford it, taste of hate, if not, a sin's rebirth. If neither of these fit your price range, use a basalt flask. They give a lot of defense for no investment. Also, I recommend you get the affix "Immunity to bleeding during flask effect" on 1 of your flasks, as it's extremly deadly and many deaths happen because of bleeds. This mod is called "of staunching".

    The same rule will be applied to freeze. Therefore, on your sulphur flask and life flask, i recommend getting 1 to immunity to bleed and 1 to immunity to freeze. This will make you feel a HELL of a lot tankier. Let us know in the comments below and be sure to hit up our Hot Sale where you can buy PoE Exalted Orb for a very cheap price!