AP Royal Oak 15400 Journey and Review

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    Hello Guys,

    My day started like any other. Family breakfast at my usual dim sum restaurant.
    After dim sum, we had no plans. Until my son tells me "Pa, I wanna go to 1Borneo jalan-jalan... buy Famous Amos Cookies"
    It's an innocent enough request that would yield 2 weeks of sleepless nights and countless messages with my buddies.
    What happened that fateful day?
    After window shopping for awhile, I walked past the one and only major AD in town... decided to walk in to take a look. Well, I have been there many times... never once have I asked the sales to take out a watch for me to hold and try... Why? Since I know I ain't buying... why waste other people's time when they can serve more serious customers right?
    Wrong... I was walking around the usual displays, then something caught me eye... it was a stainless steel Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Ref:15400 in Black Dial.
    I have no idea what have gotten into me, I ask the nearest salesgirl and asked if I could take a closer look? Sure she said... (Just for the record... I was wearing a T-Shirt, Short pants and slippers if you guys need to know)
    Once my mortal hands touched the brushed stainless steel case of the Royal Oak... I knew it was something special. Slap it on my wrists... Holy!! Perfect fit, curved nicely and felt excellent!!
    So I thought... hey, this is a Royal Oak... an iconic piece from AP, would not be able to afford even if I wanted to. So, with my AhBeng accent I asked "How much?"
    The sales girl told me that the retail was rm50200... there!! I thought... I know it was out of my league...
    BUT... The salesgirl added, I can give you a discount of xx%... mental calculations were running and....
    It is ACCESSIBLE to me!!!, albeit with some shuffling of the collection and departure of some.
    But I told her I'd need some time to think... it's a big purchase... She agreed... handed me her card and asked me to leave my number so that she can contact me there's anything. (I swear to you that these salesgirls are trained to see if you're already poisoned!!)
    Ok, went home to sleep on it.


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