Black and Silver - The New Color of Your Eyes?

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    It's true that with new colored contacts you Vision 20/20 Protocol Ebook Review can get pretty much any color you could have previously dreamed of getting. So why not go with crazy colors that don't even occur in nature? I'm talking about black or even silver. It's very common that people get crazy contacts for events like dress-up, costume parties and especially Halloween, but a lot of people will get those same contacts to wear around the house every day. It's pretty wild to think about but it really is true.

    One of the most popular colors is black, because it really does make you look evil, which is exactly what some people are looking for. You can look like a vampire, who is out for blood, or an evil possessed clown, really anything you put your mind to. If you are wearing black contacts you can be sure you won't look very nice! With Silver on the other hand, it's easy to look evil, but you can still look other ways as well. Like a vampire, or monster, or like anything you want.

    Silver eyes aren't very popular, so if you do get them, you can be pretty sure nobody else is going to be copying your look. When dealing with these types of contacts, they are considered theatrical, meaning that they don't really help your vision, but you can still get them in vision correction if that's what you need. Regardless of what types of colored contacts they are, you will still need a valid prescription so don't forget about that.