Can anyone identify this movement?

Discussion in 'Pocket Watches' started by joeclark, Jul 3, 2017.

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    Jun 22, 2017
    Hello Guys,

    The movement was presumably once in a watch with a gold case, rescued and put into a nickel housing. Hands don’t match (hour and minutes hands are blued, the seconds hand is brass-colored). Dial belongs to the movement.

    You might call it franken, but it has not been put together with bad intentions and was openly sold as ‘mariage’ (marriage), a friendlier term used by the French.
    The case is a little bit too big. To hold the movement firmly in place, wooden toothpicks have been pressed in around the movement and the excess was cut off. I haven’t realized this until I was looking for markings on the movement under the microscope.

    The movement is running very well and has an interesting regulation.

    Diameter about 40mm. Can't find any markings other than a number, Swiss Made and the usual markings on the regulator for fast/slow, but in French and English (A/R - F/S).

    Can anyone help identifying this movement please?


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