Chiropractic Care and the Challenge of Neck Pain During Sleep

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    There are some specific characteristics of the Erase My Back Pain symptoms mentioned above which make the diagnosis of a whiplash injury likely. For instance; majority of the patients develops headache. The headache due to this injury is felt on one side, off and on, sometimes constantly or at one specific spot. The shoulder pain due to whiplash injury radiates to the back, and it could be due to muscle tension.

    The tear of muscles due to whiplash injury causes burning type of pain, which is remarkably different from other types of painful conditions. If the disc of vertebrae is damaged then a patient develops sharp pain in movement. Although these symptoms are mixed and confusing for a lay person, and he might not be able to have an idea that he is suffering from pain due to a this injury. However; all of these symptoms are enough to reach at the point that prompt medical checkup and treatment are mandatory.

    In reality, a injury happens in the soft tissues without any insult on the bones. These soft tissue injuries could not be seen on a normal radiograph. However; there are advanced imaging techniques like CT scan, Ultrasound or MRI, which can even provide evidence of soft tissue injuries as well. Therefore; if the injury is suspected, a doctor advises for imagining so that the prompt diagnosis could be established, and the treatment could be started accordingly.

    Whiplash injury happens due to sudden jolt of the head. This injury which happens in the neck muscles, results when the head moves very fast backward and then forward. This type of injury is more common during a road traffic accident or direct trauma to the neck. Although a whiplash injury is not life threatening, however; prompt treatment is required in order to provide safety from complications.