Collagen Moisturizer - A Guide to Finding Effective Collagen Moisturizers

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    Mind you, no matter what treatment you Hydralyft take, there is currently no "cure" for cold sores, and once you've got it, then it's with you for life. Herpes cycles through dormant and active cycles, being dormant the great majority of the time, and only causes active outbreaks a few times a year that will typically last from between 2 and 21 days, often right around a week for most people.

    Prescription anti-viral medications for herpes work by interfering with viral replication, thereby slowing the replication rate of the virus and giving the immune system more of a chance to shut the virus down before it can cause problems. Acyclovir was the original anti-viral prescribed for HSV, and is currently the recommended drug for suppression of HSV during the last months of pregnancy to help prevent neonatal herpes. The other two prescription anti-virals typically

    prescribed for cold sores are Famcyclovir and Valacyclovir. All three of these medications will essentially result in the same thing for the average cold sore sufferer: they will reduce the pain and irritation experienced by the individual, and they will shorten the duration of the outbreak by 1 to 2 days, that's it.I personally recommend that anti-virals, if you have a prescription for them, are combined with OTC (over-the-counter) and some simple home treatments that, when used together, can significantly shorten the duration of the outbreak down to as little as 24-48 hours in total length.

    You wake up in the morning, only to feel that horrible "tingling" sensation and see a small bump forming on your lip. It can only be one thing -- you're about to go through two weeks of cold sore hell once again.I was a cold sore sufferer since my childhood, going through the above situation every few weeks. It was awful, but I've found a cold sore cure, which I'm going to share with you in this article.