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    Yan language whispered, Acacia for another year. Wandering between the cities, I fell in love with the native land of the Central Plains, and miss the little swallows in my hometown. So on a spring day, I took a wandering wind and returned to my hometown - Lushi Shancheng. The change in my hometown is really big! The wide and flat street replaces the muddy streets of the past; the tall buildings with fish scales replace the impression of the adobe house, the four commercial buildings on the old cross street, the neon lights that are flashing, and the deafening Music makes this remote town also stained with the colors of modern cities. I was in the cross street on the first light of the Hua Deng Newport 100S. I used my eyes from time to time. Is this my hometown? I am delighted with the rapid changes in my hometown, but at the same time I feel that something seems to be missing. Oh! Think of it, the air in the street, how can there be no small swallows flying around? On the wires that passed along the roadside, how could the little swallows who stood in a row in the past remember the childhood, every spring evening, after a spring rain, the small street was cleaned up. The water on the slate-paved streets reflects the blue sky. At this time, a pair of small swallows with scissors tails flew to the mud, quickly picked up a piece of spring mud, and flew away... I didn��t understand what these cute little swallows were doing when they were young. I asked my grandmother innocently. Grandma kindly touched my head with my hand and said, "The little swallows are in the muddy nest. Don't be alarmed!" So whenever I saw the buddies, they used slingshots and stones to align the mud. The little swallows always stopped them, and learned the grandmother's tone and said to them: "The little swallows are in the muddy nest, don't alarm them!" Especially in the summer evening, the afterglow of the setting sun A pair of small swallows with black and black feathers, all brushed up in a line standing on the wires in the street, like a team waiting to be reviewed. When I was a child, I was always amazed: why are they not afraid of electric shocks? The chaotic wires are also very neat and beautiful Cigarettes For Sale. But what about the cute little swallows of the past? I went back to the old house in the village. The old house in childhood memories, the bird's nest under the eaves is an essential decoration Marlboro Red. Often when the spring day comes, the mother puts on a ladder under the armpit, and nails several large nails made by the blacksmith shop under the eaves, saying that it is for the swallows. When a pair of small swallows came back from the far south, they found the nails under the eaves and went to the mud pit to get the mud. In a few days, they became a beautiful little nest. As a child, I did my homework under the eaves after school, and watched the hard-working little swallows cover their "houses" little by little to form a happy family. According to the old people, whoever swallows the nest, whoever has the feng shui will bring auspiciousness to the family. So every spring, people have nailed their own eaves. The slingshots in the hands of our hairy children have also been collect
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