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    I have been researching the best ways to get pregnant for some time now and many people Derrick Nnadi Chiefs Jersey , including friends have said to me, help me get pregnant. So I thought that I would put together a few of the questions I was asked most frequently. Here they are:

    Will eating certain foods help me get pregnant?

    Eating healthy foods such as fruit, vegetables, protein and whole foods will help to get pregnant. Examine your life style and ask yourself: Do you skip breakfast, do you eat on the go and do you eat enough fruit and vegetables? Do you eat sugary, highly refined foods? Watch how much caffeine you drink as drinking too much coffee has a strong link to reducing fertility and could increase the time it takes to get pregnant by 50 ! Avoid alcohol and cigarettes too! In fact being a healthy weight for your height will really help to get pregnant. Don t reach for the unrealistic heightweight charts you find in some magazines. Go to your family doctor instead and he will provide with you with this information as well as a healthy eating programme if you need one.

    Will taking vitamin supplements help me get pregnant?

    Yes, this will give your hormones a boost and hormones have to be in balance for you to get pregnant. Ask your pharmacist for advice and invest in the highest quality pre natal vitamin and mineral supplements you can afford. Folic acid is particularly valuable as it is essential for healthy spine formation.

    Will having sex a lot help me get pregnant?

    Not necessarily. What will help to get pregnant is knowing when you ovulate. If you do not know this essential fact,any time you and your partner try it is hit or miss . Stop taking contraception for three months before you want to conceive and make a note of how long your cycle is. Ovulation usually occurs 14 days before the begginning of your next period. So if your cycle was 26 days you would ovulate on day 12. Your fertile days are 3 days either side of this day .ie day 9 and day 15 in this example. For conception, this would be the period to concentrate on. The more often your partner ejaculates, the fewer sperm are contained in his ejaculate. So abstaining from intercourse for a few days before your fertile period and trying no more than once a day will therefore help to get pregnant.

    Will taking exercise help me get pregnant?

    Exercise forms part of a healthy lifestyle and a healthy life style is essential to help to get pregnant. You don t always have to do a gruelling gymn work out however. A brisk walk or gentle swim will have have the same effect and make you fell positive inside. One exercise you can do siting in a chair is the Kegal exercise. The action required to perform this exercise is the same as if you were trying to stop yourself urinating and results in the tightening of muscles around the vagina, anus and bladder. Do 20 Kegal exercies everyday, anywhere!
    Peforming Kegal exercises during and after intercourse will create the same vacuum effect as an orgasm and will hasten the sperm towards their goal.

    I hope that my answers to these help me get pregnant questions have answered any queries you might have. Relax, enjoy the experience of trying for your baby and watch that baby dust fall!

    Asian women are some of the most interesting and beautiful women in the world. They are friendly, smart, sexy, passionate and motivated to learn new cultures and talk about various global subjects. Dating Asian women will surely be an exciting experience for you, especially if you use these tips…

    Tip 1. Learn particular Asian cultures. List down the Asian countries of the women you’re most interested to meet. This may include Japan, China, the Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, India and Indonesia among other interesting countries. You can learn their cultures by watching their most popular local TV shows and films. You can also read translated versions of their widely read local novels, news and magazines. Listen to their most popular musicians and view the work of their locally acclaimed artists.

    Tip 2. Study the professions most likely held by the Asian women you’re interested in. This doesn’t mean each profession’s technical qualifications and day-to-day tasks. Rather: Study the areas these women are most likely passionate about, enough for them to spend years and years of their life studying and doing those tasks.

    Tip 3. Read local fashion and lifestyle magazines aimed at local women. These can give you interesting insights which you can talk about while you’re dating Asian women.

    Tip 4. Select the right online dating portals. This means the dating community should have a substantial volume of active members, majority of which should be Asian women. Also look closer at the security and privacy features integrated into the online community portal.

    Tip 5. Upload your best set of photos. Sexy photos won’t cut it with Asian women, so make sure the photos you upload to your profile page can make you look as professional and driven for success as possible.

    Tip 6. Write down something interesting and witty in the “About Me” section of your profile. It should show how fun and interesting you can be for your date.

    Tip 7. The headline of your ad for a date in the online dating community should grab the attention of your intended dates. This should quickly communicate to your intended dates just how much fun and exciting you can be for them.

    Tip 8. Be the first to contact available Asian women looking for dates in the online dating community. Be a gentleman. Show them how romantic you could be, with just this first move to impress them. Be as friendly and as down-to-Earth as you can. Talk about their interests, not yours, when writing to them. Their interests can be seen in their profile pages.

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