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    NEW DELHI, March 11 (Xinhua) -- At least 11 people including five women were killed and two others injured Saturday in a deadly minibus-truck collision in India's western state of Maharashtra, police said.

    The accident took place early Saturday at Uralikanchan village near Pune city, 180 km east of Mumbai, the capital city of Maharashtra.

    ""Early today at around 4:00 a.m. (local time) a minibus crashed into a truck and killed 11 people including four couples and a child,"" a senior police official told Xinhua over telephone from Pune.

    ""The accident occurred after the driver of the minibus while trying to avoid hitting a wild boar crossing the road rammed into truck.""

    Officials said the two injured were immediately removed to hospital for treatment. The driver of the minibus also died.

    Earlier this month 17 people including three women were killed and six others injured in a jeep-truck collision in Rajasthan.

    Deadly road accidents are common in India often caused by overloading, or due to bad condition of roads and reckless driving.

    India's ministry of road transport in 2015 said 146,133 people were killed and 500,279 others injured in 501,423 road accidents across the country.

    Global Road Safety Report 2015 released by WHO last year however said India accounts for more than 200,000 deaths annually due to road accidents.


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    JAKARTA, Jan. 1 (Xinhua) -- Indonesia's counter-terrorism police has killed six suspected militants and arrested one near Jakarta since Tuesday evening, local media reported Wednesday.

    Five men were found dead in a bathroom in Jakarta's southwestern outskirts of Ciputat on Wednesday morning after exchanging fire with police for 10 hours, said local online news kompas.

    The police fatally shot one and arrested another on Tuesday evening as armed police surrounded a house rented by the seven men, according to kompas.

    The police has identified one of the militants as Nurul Haq, a suspect on the "Wanted Person List" who was believed to be involved in a series of shootings at police officers months ago.

    The anti-terror unit killed a man and arrested two others for their roles in the shooting and bomb-making last October in east Indonesia's South Sulawesi province.

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