Exchanging presidential visits reflects strong reciprocal

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    Russian President Vladimir Putin will visit China later this year to attend events marking the 70th anniversary of victory in the world's anti-fascist war.

    He is the first leader who has reportedly confirmed plans to attend the commemoration events in China.

    Foreign Ministry spokesman Hong Lei said on Friday that China welcomes the Russian leader's plans to attend.

    Interfax news agency reported on Thursday that Russian Presidential Administration chief Sergei Ivanov confirmed Putin's plan to visit China.

    Ivanov had talks with Li Zhanshu Cheap Edmonton Oilers Jersey , a visiting senior official from the Communist Party of China, on Thursday. Li is director of the CPC Central Committee's General Office.

    A meeting between Putin and Li was held earlier on Thursday at which good wishes and greetings from the two presidents were exchanged.

    Putin told Li that he expects President Xi Jinping will visit Moscow for celebrations marking the 70th anniversary of victory in the Great Patriotic War on May 9.

    Putin said the two countries' joint celebrations to mark the 70th anniversary of victory in World War II will "guard against attempts to beautify invaders, champion historical justice and protect world peace".

    Li said Xi values highly the evolving Sino-Russian relationship and "cherishes the good personal relationship and friendship with his Russian counterpart".

    The two leaders, who have met eight times in the past two years Wholesale NHL Hockey Jerseys , "will maintain close contacts this year on bilateral and multilateral occasions", Li said.

    Feng Yujun, a senior researcher of Russian studies at the China Institutes of Contemporary International Relations, said China and Russia "have remarkable common ground" when it comes to their views on the World War II Wholesale Hockey Jerseys , as well as on existing regional issues.

    Exchanging presidential visits reflects strong reciprocal support, Feng said.

    Yin Zhuo, director of the Expert Consultation Committee of the People's Liberation Army navy, said the joint celebrations and visits between the two countries' leaders will "cover the major entities of the anti-fascist alliance and better ensure the effectiveness of the events' reach".

    Li told Putin that the General Office of the CPC Central Committee is ready to strengthen communications and cooperation with the Russian Presidential Administration.

    The two bodies will "better implement consensus by the two leaders and make commemorations marking the 70th anniversary of victory in World War II a success" Wholesale Adidas NHL Jerseys , Li said.

    Feng said cooperation between two bodies assisting the leaders "is a new approach to boosting top-level contacts", describing one of their functions - helping with policymaking - as "unique and irreplaceable".

    The commemoration events in China will include a conference, a reception, a gala and a military parade.

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