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    MADRID , Jan. 11 (Xinhua) -- Javier Tebas, the President of the Spanish Football League (LFP), on Monday criticized FC Barcelona for sending a tweet congratulating the Carles Puigdemont on his investiture as President of the Catalan region in the north-east of Spain.

    Puigdemont will head a coalition government of pro-independence collectives Junts pel Si and CUP and has said he will work towards securing Catalan independence within 18 months.

    Sunday saw Barcelona send a tweet saying ""congratulations President Puigdemont. We wish you luck in this historic and passionate period which our country Catalonia is beginning today,"" which Tebas described as ""surprising.""

    ""I don't approve of it , especially because it is congratulating a person, Carles Puigdemont which wants to break the unity of Spain, who supports independence in a radical manner and who is going against the law of our country, our constitution and our state ,"" said Tebas, who insisted that Barcelona could not play in the Spanish league if Catalonia became independent.

    ""They couldn't do so because that is the law ... if Catalonia became independent, not only Barcelona, but no other Catalan team would be able to do so ,"" he added.

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    BEIRUT, June 29 (Xinhua) -- Lebanon's Speaker Nabih Berri warned Wednesday that he received security information about ""terrorist groups planning to carry attacks against some prominent politicians and the United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon (UNIFIL).""

    The Addiyar daily quoted Berri as saying that ""the UNIFIL were informed in order to take the necessary precaution measures.""

    The daily said that Berri cautioned ""the imminent terrorist danger we are facing today requires the unity of the Lebanese and if consensus on political issues remains out of reach at least we should unite facing this poisonous threat that is targeting all of us.""

    Lebanese Prime Minister Tammam Salam has chaired Tuesday a security meeting and called for an extraordinary sessions for his cabinet and cautioned that ""the country entered a new phase of confrontation with the fundamentalist terrorism.""

    The northeastern border town of al-Qaa was hit Monday with two waves of suicide bombers leaving 5 killed and more than 25 injured.

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