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    Fashionable women's coats - the best outerwear for the cold season! At least, all world designers think so, for it is not without reason that in their collections they presented us with new interesting interpretations of this particular dress. So there is something to choose from. The editors of WomanSovetnik prepared for you an overview of the most current models and styles of coats, which will turn you from a gray mouse into a stylish diva, so read carefully to find a warm coat in the fashion variety.

    Assorted styles: what can and should we wear today?

    Violent variety of colors and styles allows us, courageous fashionistas, not to limit ourselves and choose the very female coat that warms the body and pleases the eye. It cannot be said that the classic styles of the coat are out of fashion, they still remain popular and relevant. But they were a little pressed by bolder and even extravagant styles that also deserve your attention.

    1. Cape Coat - for the bold, stylish and hot

    Earlier we heard a lot about him, but only a few bought them, since the coat-cap cannot be called the most practical style. But in 2017, this particular tailoring, the inspiration for the creation of which designers took from the distant 70s, will be considered the most trending from lederhosen store. Such fashionable coats will be a real boon for girls who adore the classic style and don't mind experimenting a bit with images, combining it not only with laconic trousers, bold bright shorts and equally popular warm knitted midi dresses. The ideal color scheme for such a coat is nobly restrained. That is, if you dream about a cape, choose a model in ash-gray, deep emerald or laconic sand color. Such a fashionable women's coat can really be combined with things of any color, without forgetting the basic rule - cape is a romantic coat, which is designed to emphasize the femininity of its owner. So things in military colors are not the place.

    2. Coat overseas - still relevant

    And this season, fashionable gurus simply worship the oversized style, unanimously convincing us that the fragile female figure in this particular style looks the most elegant. This women's coat can be A-silhouette, resemble a cocoon, or have the most familiar loose fit. Do you like this style, but would you like some interesting model? Choose an oversized winter or autumn coat with patch pockets, a voluminous collar or unusual fur trim. The most impudent can afford a coat of a similar style with an interesting cut of the sleeve. A rounded shoulder line will make the image even bolder and comfortable at the same time. By the way, other fashionable styles of the coat are “not friendly” with sporty-style shoes, and the oversized coat blends perfectly with feminine studs and bright sneakers.