Fat-Weight Loss Strategies - Don't Let It be a Dream - You Too Can be Lean

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    I can now run and play with my kids Melaluna Sleep Aid and just enjoy life with them. My oldest daughter is 10 years old and she used to tell me I was fat and that I needed to lose weight like the people on TV and you don't know how disappointing that made me feel, that my daughter was not proud and embarrassed of how her mother looked and kids do not lie. For the first time in many years, my daughter told me "I was beautiful and she loved the way I looked and she was so glad she had a Sexy Mom like me, but not to lose any more weight or I would look like her sister and not her MOM!!" Let me tell you, you do not know how overjoyed

    I was to hear that. So overjoyed that I went in my room and just cried and thanked GOD for allowing me to see body parts that I had not seen in years and just being able to be a better mom and role model for my child because I do not want her to look to another woman for anything especially beauty when she has all she needs right here at home with her MOM. I am so happy that I didn't pass up his table and I am extending this article to you as my testimony of how I went from "Fat to Fine Mentally and then my Body Followed." Give "Tom Venuto" and his team a try and see what they can do for you, YOU WILL NEVER REGRET IT!!Everywhere you look

    there are spiritual self-help books talking about self-discovery and finding security in yourself through reaching a higher level of consciousness. The Christ focused supernatural element is not approached in most self-help literature because the most profound lack of foundation exists, the knowledge and acceptance that God is sovereign and he has a plan for those who receive him as Lord. I intend to approach this subject of the walking dead, otherwise known as physical, emotional, spiritual, and mental, sleepwalkers, through the lens of being a follower of Christ.

    There is a phenomenon of emotional and spiritual sleepwalking. It is the aimless wandering through life unconscious. It is the lack of awareness that God intended us to live a more fulfilling life. The urgency to step out in life and live our dreams has been stashed in the dusty attic of our unconscious mind. We are not fully alive in our spiritual identity and therefore we are unaware of our calling and purpose.