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    Funeral Directors are those people who help you in your sad times when someone close to you passes away. A funeral director , also known as a mortician or undertaker, Funeral services make all the arrangements required for the funeral with funeral transportation which may be charged extra, and if the deceased stays in some other country or state then the charges are to be paid to both the funeral homes that need to coordinate about the transportation of the body, which is a bit costly option.
    These Funeral services look after all the after death rituals of every religion, as the rituals and customs change from religion to religion. In Hindu funerals the deceased is cremated while in Christian funerals the dead are buried. These Funeral services need to act according to each religion and need to keep their rituals and beliefs in mind.
    These funeral services look after the floral tributes and the requirement of other material depending on religion or caste. There are several companies in this business in UK out of which Indian Funeral Directors Ltd is one of the leading funeral service providers. They arrange coffins , flowers, transportation of deceased, etc with utmost care and respect. Right from Tamil funeral to Sikh Funeral they guide and arrange all the duties required in the proceedings.
    The Funeral services even look after washing and embalming of the deceased. The embalming process for the Hindu funerals including Tamil funerals will be done after proper consultation with you regarding the needs and requirements. It is also possible for the relatives to be involved in the ritual Wash & Dress of their loved ones.
    There are several beliefs about death as we take several religions in consideration.
    Hinduism believes in reincarnation and rebirth, they believe that the souls are immortal and imperishable. Even Sikhs believe in reincarnation. This means that a person's soul may be reborn many times as an animal or a human. Therefore, for Sikhs , death is not the end. The Sikh sacred text, the Guru Granth Sahib, says that the body is just clothing for the soul and is discarded at death.
    Christians believe that God is just and fair, and so cannot let evil go unpunished. Most believe in the idea of judgement after death, and that God will treat people and bless or punish them in the afterlife according to how they lived their life on earth.
    Muslims believe that a human being not only has a body , but also has a spirit is given to him or her by God. The spirit is the seed from which a higher form of life grows within man, higher than physical life, just as the body has developed from a small 'seed' During his life, man's spirit is moulded and shaped by the deeds he does in his life. When a person dies, the physical body is finished , but the spirit remains, as he or she had moulded it by their deeds when alive. That is the life after death.
    In the end whatever the beliefs maybe, death is uncertain and a harsh reality which cannot be ignored.
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