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    CHICAGO, July 28 (Xinhua) -- Germany-based DHL on Wednesday announced a 137-million-U.S. dollar expansion in Chicago, partially to support the increasing DHL footprint from e-commerce in China.

    In an exclusive interview with Xinhua, DHL's e-Commerce CEO Charles Brewer stressed the importance for Chicago and China to expand e-Commerce, one of the fastest growing industry sectors in the world.

    Brewer announced plans of growing the DHL footprint in China after opening three distribution centers in Shanghai, Shenzhen, and Hong Kong. Three weeks earlier, Brewer was in Shenzhen to inaugurate the new distribution facility, which can handle 18 million packages per day.

    "From a macro perspective, China accounts for 40 percent of global e-Commerce sales," Brewer told Xinhua.

    The shipping company's expansion in Chicago includes a new facility north of Midway Airport in Chicago's South Side. The new facility can process over 2,500 shipments per hour, complementing an existing facility near O'Hare International Airport, and a helicopter delivery service launched in 2015 to deliver urgent documents to financial and legal firms.

    DHL is giving back to Chicago's community by promoting local sporting events. FC Bayern Munich played at Chicago's Soldier Field on Wednesday for the first time since beating Manchester United here in 2004. Fans from all over the United States and abroad packed the sold-out stadium to watch the team play AC Milan.

    The team will continue to play two more matches in Charlotte, North Carolina and East Rutherford, New Jersey throughout the week as a part of their 2016 North American tour, sponsored by DHL.

    As the team's official logistics partner, DHL ships and delivers all of the equipment necessary for training and matches, as well as delivering FC Bayern Munich merchandise to fans all over the world.

    Thomas Kipp, DHL's executive vice president of strategy and business development, said FC Bayern Munich had an interest in partnering with the leading global logistics company like DHL to make a much better experience for soccer fans in China.

    "Traditionally a Chinese fan, and according to numbers the 90 million Bayern Munich fans in China were really left behind in terms of being able to order merchandise and other articles from the FC Bayern fan shop," Kipp told Xinhua.

    According to recent studies, the proportion of Chinese consumers buying online from overseas will grow to roughly 350 million to 400 million by 2020, which is a huge indication of the potential and opportunity of the Chinese market. Enditem

    In nearly all the situations Cheap Pittsburgh Steelers Shirts , hemorrhoids are embarrassing. When they first show themselves, the usual reactions are fear, shock and concern. Hemorrhoids appear when the fibers, tissues Cheap Pittsburgh Steelers Jerseys , arteries plus the muscles containing blood vessels become disturbed.

    One frequent symptom of hemorrhoids will be the bleeding. The blood that comes out is bright red in color and not the usual dark red. This would seem to the majority of us pretty strange, and we could panic much more. This happens as a result of the presence with the arteries inside the area. What you see is arterial blood and on account of the presence with the arteries inside the anal location, bleeding is usually rather severe.

    Most instances of ladies affected by hemorrhoids are linked with the increased pressure on the anal region caused by the pregnancy. In a year, pretty much half a million individuals in the U.S. have to have treatment for hemorrhoids Cheap Steelers Hats , with 10 to 20% of them requiring surgeries.

    You will find a lot of treatment for hemorrhoids out there that perform and some that do not. A study has been conducted to find essentially the most helpful treatment for hemorrhoids, no matter if for internal, external, and bleeding.

    Study was conducted for lots of with the top brands on the market today. They narrowed the treatment for hemorrhoids into couple of of them Cheap Steelers Hoodies , just like Venapro, Preparation H, Avatrol, ClearMed and Zenmed.

    In general Cheap Steelers Shirts , treatment for hemorrhoids involves actions that you simply can take on your personal. It is possible to collect the most beneficial remedies for curing hemorrhoids, and put them in a table, to ensure that you can simply know what the top for you is.

    The remedies for the table is often located on the net. You’ll be able to describe them employing several aspects like theirs characteristics, your trust in them Cheap Steelers Jerseys , no matter whether they’re tablet, cream or answer, their purpose, whether for discomfort Cheap Vince Williams Jersey , pain, cure or prevention, if they are pregnancy suitable and, of course Cheap Marcus Gilbert Jersey , their cost.

    What is the instant treatment for hemorrhoids ? There are several solutions to end the torment of hemorrhoids. Treatment for hemorrhoids might use house remedies or over-the-counter drugs.

    Treatment for hemorrhoids include several of the following measures.

    Consuming of high fiber diets. These foods are largely vegetables and fruits. Individuals who consume large amounts of roughage or dietary fiber rarely have problems on hemorrhoids. It truly is because dietary fiber absorbs much water and produces a bulky, heavy and soft stool that makes its elimination less difficult. This prevents constipation and straining in passing off the waste supplies. Constipation is most likely the main cause of hemorrhoids.

    Drink a great deal of water. This will support the digestive method and at the same time soften the stool.

    Respond towards the call of nature immediately. The longer the stool stays inside the large intestines, the far more compact and harder it’ll be.

    Take a regular workout. Walking at a brisk pace will assist the digestive technique work additional effectively. Also, lack of workout will make the heart muscle perform slowly in returning the blood in the body’s veins.

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