He also highlighted the need to keep

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    LISBON Cheap Nike Air Max 98 Australia , March 16 (Xinhua) -- Portuguese Prime Minister Pedro Passos Coelho said on Monday the Portuguese economy would grow 1.5 percent in 2015 and the growth could be higher due to more favorable international economic prospects.

    He also highlighted the need to keep a "long-term trajectory" on track.

    "If we grow a few tenths more, even better, but the most important thing is the long-term trajectory," Passos Coelho said during a visit in Sines, a city in the southern district of Setubal Cheap Nike Air Max Plus Australia , according to Portuguese Lusa News Agency.

    He said the country had gone through an economic adjustment which carried a "high social cost" and pointed out that the country must continue to carry out such sacrifices.

    Portugal signed a 78-billion-euro bailout program in May 2011 with the European Commission, the International Monetary Fund and the European Central Bank when it was on the verge of bankruptcy, and has had to apply tax hikes and spending cuts to meet its growth targets.

    Passos Coelho said the country would meet its budgetary objectives and would reach a deficit below 3 per-cent this year.

    The center-right government has dismissed higher forecasts, including forecasts from the European Commission, insisting that its strategy is helping put the economy back on track.

    Portugal had a clean exit from the bailout program with its international lenders in May last year with its GDP expanding 0.5 percent in the fourth quarter. However its unemployment still remains staggering high Cheap Nike Air Max Flair Australia , standing at 13.9 percent at the end of 2014.

    Both desktop computers and laptops have built-in graphic cards which transmit video signals to external monitors. Furthermore, those cards aid in processing video game information. Such card usually doesn’t get physical damage since it’s installed inside the laptop computer. However, if you’re experiencing system problems with your laptop graphic card, you can do certain steps to solve these issues in simple but effective ways.

    You can find an air intake vent on your laptop’s bottom. Wipe it down to clean it well. This vent is responsible for bringing in some air around your laptop’s video card so that it won’t overheat nor malfunction. If these vents are blocked off, air won’t be able to enter and circulate around the video card which leads to overheating and system errors. Hence Cheap Nike Air Max Zero Australia , make it a habit to check these air vents and clean them regularly. You can spray compressed air to the vents to remove the accumulated dust attached to the video card itself. This would help the air circulate around the graphic card more easily.

    Examine your external monitor’s cable connection which you have connected to the connection ports of the graphic card. If you see that there are loose cables, you have to tighten them so that the video display will reach the monitor well.

    Update the drivers regularly. If your laptop isn’t updated, the video card may not be able to function properly. You can install updated drivers by visiting the site of your computer’s manufacturer. Select “Support,” “Downloads,” then choose your computer’s operating system. Afterwards Cheap Nike Air Max 180 Australia , select the appropriate video card driver to be downloaded to your laptop. Through this, the latest driver will be downloaded to your laptop. You can open the Installation Wizard by clicking the driver twice, then follow the consecutive prompts correctly to finish the installation process successfully. After the successful installation of the latest driver, you can restart your laptop. You’ll notice that the video card will work better and more effectively.

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    One of the perks of going on holiday is returning home looking fit and healthy – and maybe losing a bit of weight from all the swimming and watersports.

    However, some holidaymakers staying at the Hilton hotel in Shark’s Bay Cheap Nike Air Max 270 Australia , Sharm EL Sheikh have returned home pounds lighter for a different reason – salmonella infection.

    News stories about salmonella affecting holidaymakers across the world are becoming more frequent, and recent stories suggest that as recently as summer 2011, The Hilton Shark’s Bay was having to cope with guests becoming ill with symptoms of the bug – including vomiting, sickness and diarrhoea, fever Cheap Nike Air Max 90 Australia , headache and stomach spasms.

    The Hilton Shark’s Bay is a four-star hotel seven miles from popular Naama Bay, which is famed for watersports. Well-known package companies like Thomas Cook and Thomson use the Hilton Shark’s Bay hotel, which has a range of dining choices, including the popular Mahfouz Buffet.

    Salmonella can be a serious illness with chronic effects. Symptoms can take several days to take hold – and bouts of fever and severe diarrhoea can ruin holidays and your health. The elderly, children and those with existing health problems are especially vulnerable.

    Many holidaymakers who contract salmonella food poisoning on holiday return home requiring medical treatment – and symptoms can come and go over a period of months Cheap Nike Air Max 95 Australia , leaving permanent or chronic conditions such as irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) or reactive arthritis.

    It may also be that, following a salmonella infection on holiday, you will have to alter your diet and restrict certain foods that may irritate the bowel.

    If you are left with long-term medical conditions following a salmonella infection that developed on a package holiday, you may have to under a sigmoid colonoscopy examination in hospital, which enables a specialist to examine the lining of the bowel for signs of infection Cheap Nike Air Max 1 Australia , irritation or polyps.

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