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    Best to take both before bed as it Pheno Pen will coincide with our natural Testosterone peak which happens between 10pm and 2am each night. In combination Magnesium and Zinc are highly effective of helping depression and Alzheimer's. Medications used to treat these along with other mental disorders increase Cortisol (stress) levels and reduce Testosterone levels - not good for muscle growth. Where as Magnesium and Zinc help to reduce stress AND increase Testosterone. Which aids our highly desired muscle growth.

    That's a Win:Win in my book.If in doubt it's always best to seek the advice of a Trained Medical Professional before starting any course of Supplementation.As for me, this information has been such a blessing in helping me get closer to my physical goals and general everyday wellbeing that I'll never look back.

    Do you remember that book 'French women don't get fat'? It was the one that taught us that the traditional French approach to diet was to enjoy everything in moderation. It also pointed out that French women are rarely overweight and their incidence of heart disease is far less than that of women in the United States irrespective of their penchant for good wines and cheeses. Well, it seems we may not have to become Francophiles to enjoy good health and extended longevity thanks to a newly discovered anti-aging ingredient called Resveratrol.

    What is Resveratrol? In the early 1920's one Dr Johanna Brandt proclaimed that grapes cured her of cancer. Now it is public knowledge that there are several substances in grapes - and therefore in wine - that assist in lowering cholesterol, reducing the risk of heart disease and offering strong anti-oxidant benefits. Resveratrol is a natural substance found in the skin of young, unripe red grapes and, more recently, in the skins of peanuts and in cranberries.