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    how to stop overeating can the day the other nice rule of thumb is if you're feeling hungry then have a glass of water first and even if night some tips for not force getting to sleep four if you're struggling with that your caffeine and take a specific you're if you're sensitive to caffeine later in the day because that could also that could also affect you something I've been doing recently to help me sleep more soundly as I listen to some just really calm relaxing like classical type music right before bed I just put it on at work and maybe your habits are good during your working hours I hear this a lot and then you get home and you're you're either super hungry and you eat a big dinner or maybe you're just maybe you just eat a normal dinner and then right after dinner you get really really hungry so trying to determine and we're going to talk about some strategies some more strategies with this later but the first thing is if it's a habit where you're if you're just habitually