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    Slimlook Forskolin put the cap back on and that's my tea for the day so I drink the tea I think I do too I use one teaspoon right and that lasts me for about 3 cups of tea 3 of this full of tea so that's a good amount when you throw hot water on it to teach the leaves do expand which is pretty cool so that's why you get three teas 3 cups worth of tea out of it it does help me to not feel bloated it also helps me to like get enter and then notice that I'm like a little bit more energized because I was under the weather I mean I had it to the floor and for and I was getting over the flu before they extend me the product and it kind of boosts me up a lot it boosts me a lot and it kind of lighten my seat I don't know there's something about this team honestly I was I was so shocked I was shocked of how much I lost with the drinking misty and