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    Along with kicking the alcohol, it's important to lose the soda. Carbonated drinks sabotage weight loss in two ways: they contain caffeine and calories. The dangers of empty calories are obvious, and a single can of soda can have as many as 200 calories. These empty calories have no place in a weight-loss diet. Second, caffeine is a huge saboteur for weight-loss. While many keto bodytone people think caffeine speeds up metabolism, the impact is actually the opposite. Caffeine raises Cortisol levels which help your body store fat while offering a temporary metabolism boost that slows down your body and metabolism in the long run. Caffeine causes a blood sugar spike, contributing to sugar cravings throughout the day. Since soda is usually loaded with caffeine and empty calories, it has no place in the diet of someone trying to lose weight. P.s. Don't be fooled by "Diet" soda, studies show that people who switch from regular to diet soda actually slow down their metabolism.